11 May 2011

Oh, Finn

My baby turned 1 last week. It's so crazy to think about that. But there it is. And here he is:

Cute, right?

Finn has quite the personality. He is usually a pretty happy, smiley boy. He likes laughing along with people, even if he has NO idea what they're laughing at (which, is usually the case). Finn likes to be tickled, and will lay his head on the floor (or the pillow that's on the floor currently), and smile up at me until I get down and tickle him. Then he squeals and laughs and crawls away, only to crawl right back and do it again. And again. And again.

Finn knows what the word "movie" means. The other day I said to Zeke, "I'm going to do laundry real quick then I'll come up and put the movie on for you." At the word "movie", Finn crawled to the TV and looked up at it, expectantly. When nothing happened he crawled away until I said, "What Finn? You want to watch a movie?" At which point, he crawled back to the TV and looked at it waiting for something to happen. That's not to say that he actually sits and watches TV. If there's singing going on he'll usually stop and watch for a second or two, but that's about it.

Finn has most of our noisy toys figured out. Most of them play a song when you hit a button. After the song, if you hit the button again it'll cycle through 2 or 3 "sayings" then it'll come around the song again. Well, Finn has figured out how to push the buttons to get the songs to play, then once the songs are over, he'll push the buttons as fast as he can until he hears the song start again. That, or he'll just sit and wait 30 seconds until the toy has "reset" or whatever and will play the song with the first push of the button again.

Finn enjoys helping me cook dinner by rearranging my tea drawer and/or the tupperware lid drawer. It's super fun when he leaves tea bags all over the floor and the other 2 boys ask a good 7 or 8 times each, "What's this?" But Finn loves his brothers and loves to play with/by them. He loves playing with (and putting his drool all over) whatever he can get his hands on. The computer fascinates him so I have to turn off the screen AND the mouse whenever he's awake.

What Finn does not like is when I leave him. I got called back to the nursery Sunday because he wouldn't stop crying. That's really not like him. Apparently he doesn't like it when Lora, his favorite nursery worker, or I am holding someone else. He's such a jealous little boy. Once Lora was free to hold him again (she wasn't holding another little boy anymore) Finn was fine in the nursery on his own, and was in quite the good mood when I went back to pick him up after church. Last night I left him with a babysitter and she reported that he cried from the moment I left until he fell asleep. He wouldn't even drink his bottle! Today he had a little meltdown with big tears and everything because I was holding Deacon for a minute. This phase came on so quickly that I'm hoping it goes away quickly. It's not fun for anyone.

Basically, he's just a super sweet boy (who really loves his mommy [and food...he REALLY loves to eat]) that we love very, very much. With some killer cheeks.

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Julie said...

Happy Birthday Finn! He is so super cute!!!