19 May 2011

This Happened Too Quickly

Today is the last day of school out here. I know I already posted it on facebook and tweeted about it, but I have a kindergartener now you guys. It's so crazy. I know that a lot is going to happen between now and when he actually starts kindergarten, but still. I'm so excited to watch Zeke as he continues to grow and continues to learn. He is a sweet and sensitive boy, as well as energetic and enthusiastic (and he gets enthusiastic about pretty much everything). Zeke is cute and charming and a little bit crazy. Look out New Jersey (and the rest of the world), Zeke is on his way!


Beth said...

By the way, the picture on the left is of his first day of school this year, and the picture on the right is from today, the last day of school this year.

Julie said...

Go Zeke! Your posts reminds me I should get a picture of Daniel on his last day. It would be great to compare :)