03 May 2011

This Must Be What Living With Binky Would Be Like

For those of you who don't know who Binky the Clown is, presumably because you never watched Garfield and Friends growing up, here is a quick clip of Binky the Clown:

See, he's super loud and always exaggerates his greetings in a SUPER LOUD voice. I realized tonight, while praying with Deacon, that living with Deacon must be a little bit what living Binky the Clown would be like. He started his prayer tonight with a growly, yet high pitched, super loud "HEEEYYYYYY GOOOODDDDD!!" I quickly calmed him down, but I couldn't help but think of Binky right then. And the more I think about life with Deacon, the more I realize that he can be quite the loud mouth. At least, whenever Zeke is home he's loud. Deacon is constantly shrieking and screaming and yelling instead of talking, even if I'm 4 inches away from him. I'm always telling him to tone it down. I imagine if I lived with Binky instead, it wouldn't be that much different.

Okay, it would probably be very different. Deacon does have his quiet times (namely when Zeke is at school or otherwise occupied). Deacon is also a very sweet kid. I'm not sure Binky has ever been sweet. Deacon melts my heart every time he says, "I love you too, Mama." And while Deacon may get over protective of his toys and a little annoyed when Finn crawls up, he's still very gentle with Finn. Deacon loves princesses and Care Bears, rocks and dirt, trains and superheroes, books and Peavey.

So maybe living with Deacon isn't that much like living with Binky the Clown. Just every once in awhile, and I think that's okay. It's all part of who he is, and who he is is a boy that I love very much. Even if he does give me the occasional headache solely with the volume he chooses to communicate in.


Nicole and Chris said...

I think that Deacon and Asher would be great friends. They both are loud, love princesses, rocks, dirt, trains (and cars) and super hero's. Where are you headed next? Could it be Okinawa?

Aubrey Lynn said...

Oh my gosh - I remember Binky!!! He's probably one of the reasons I'm afraid of clowns :)
Deacon is much cuter than Binky.