16 May 2011

I Thought This Was Interesting

So, I'm going to share it with you.

Last week I was driving to Bible study. The sun was shining (so wonderful) so I had my sunglasses on. I looked up at the sky and saw the coolest thing. The sun was there, surrounded by a circle of clouds, and the clouds were all sort of outlined in pink. It looked so cool. But when I took off my sunglasses and put my head closer to the steering wheel to look at it again (I was stopped at a red light, don't worry) the pink was gone and it looked like this:

(These pictures were taken after I finished driving to Bible study, I was not taking pictures as I was actively driving down the road. I was parked in a parking lot.)

Still pretty, but where did the pink go? I moved my head up and looked through that blue tinted part of the glass to see if that was the cause of the pink, and it turns out it wasn't.

Almost looks like a night shot, huh? Or not. Maybe just a VERY blue shot.

So then, I put my sunglasses back on, and looked through the non-blue part and nothing looked pink. SO I looked through the blue part with the sunglasses on and voila! There was the pink:

Okay, this really isn't a very good picture of what I saw, but from the time I first saw the pink on the road by my house, until I got to base (where I could safely take pictures) the clouds had moved, and so had I. Plus, the phone's camera, blah blah blah. But all those clouds around the sun were essentially outlined in this sharp shade of pink, and it was really cool. But even though you can't see what I saw, I still think it's interesting the difference the different "lenses" make when looking at the exact same thing.


Jennifer Wake said...

How cool. Even if your pictures don't match what you saw. I can so totally see you driving and not taking pictures..

Michelle Mitchell said...

Cool, Cool! I love the colors of sunrise/ sunset the best but this is pretty great too!