11 April 2011

We Survived Our First Weekend Without Daddy


So, Friday night I took Josh to the airport. I got home a little after midnight. My friend who was here staying with the boys hung out and chatted for a bit (which was wonderful). By the time she left, and I got settled and into bed it was about 1am. I didn't really sleep well - mostly because I brought my phone to bed and got a twitter message at 5am then Josh texted around 6am when he landed in Salt Lake City.

Here's a crazy little rabbit trail, sort of. As I was dreaming Saturday morning, an image of Josh sort of flittered in the foreground of my dream and he said, "It's time to get going." I woke up, looked at the clock, and sure enough, it was time to get up and get going. Crazy.

Anyhoo, so I got up Saturday, got the big boys up, then went to get Finn. When I put Finn in bed Friday night he cried a little after he had been in bed for a few minutes. Figuring this was his normal "settling down for the night" cry, I didn't check on him. Well, when I went in Saturday morning Finn and pretty much his entire bed was covered in throw up. Yeah. My poor baby slept in his throw up all. night. long. He was fine in the morning, but that meant a load of laundry had to be done.

Saturday is speech day, so at 10 I loaded up all the boys and drove into Anchorage for speech. Miss Kathie was wonderful and let Deacon go in with Zeke, so I only had to entertain Finn for the 45 minutes. When speech was over, Miss Kathie came out cracking up. She told me what a riot the 2 of them together were and how much fun she had with them both. I hope this means she'll continue to take them both. At least, until Deacon becomes too much of a distraction for Zeke.

Sunday at church Deacon got really sad when I took him back to Sunday school, so I let him sit with me during church. He did really well and sat really quietly the whole time. Plus he kept me warm since I didn't bring a sweater and it was colder then I expected it to be in there.

The rest of the weekend went pretty much as usual. Putting the boys in bed Saturday night was probably the hardest and saddest part of the day. It wasn't much easier Sunday night.

After I went to bed last night things got interesting again. About 11:15pm I heard Deacon crying. So I jumped out of bed, ran downstairs and found my sweet boy covered in vomit, tears and snot. Perfect. So I cleaned him up, I put him upstairs in my bed, started the washing machine and got his stuff in the wash. I also had to plug in my sentsy warmer down there because WOW did his room smell AWFUL.

After taking care of all of that, I climbed into bed with my sweet boy. No sooner had I laid down then he bolted up and put his hand to his mouth. I took him off the bed and stood him on the towel I had put on the floor, since we weren't going to make it to the toilet on time. When he was finished "spitting out" (what we call it here - isn't he cute for coming up with that) he wanted to sit on the toilet so I left him there to clean up my side of the bed and the surrounding area.

Finally, around 1am this morning he settled down enough for both of us to be able to get some sleep. At one point he had bolted up again and I said, "Are you going to spit out again?" He got so upset he yelled, "NO! NO MORE SPIT OUT!" Almost like he was commanding his body to stop making him spit out.

This morning, he spit out the first 1/2 cup of Gatorade he gulped down, but he's been absolutely fine since. And that was our first weekend of TDY - mostly normal but bookended with "spit out". And now I get to get them up from naps and take them all food shopping! July cannot get here fast enough right now.


JStar said...

Ack! Poor Finn, poor Deacon and poor mama! I hope the rest of your time without Josh goes more smoothly. Do you have a good babysitter that can come once a week so you can get a break? Can't wait to see you this summer!

Michelle said...

I am sorry. Why do little ones get sick in the middle of the night? Liam calls it "spitting" too. YUCK!

I am sorry about bedtime; I find it the hardest time too.

Childress Family said...

Why, oh WHY do these things happen as soon as Daddies leave?! Think it makes them love us more? That's the only good I can see from it. Hoping everyone's well now and the rest of the time is blue skies and sunshine! Really looking forward to this summer!!