20 April 2011

Plugging Away

Let's see...where were we...ah! Water in the bathroom from a leaky sink. So, the rest of the weekend went fine. Deacon was super tired Sunday morning and actually fell asleep during children's worship....lol. But that's about it for the weekend.

Monday morning the plumber came. He was able to get here and get the jobs (yes, jobs as I noticed the faucet in the tub was also leaking this weekend) done before Zeke got home from school, but he got here at just the right time so I wouldn't have enough time to go food shopping with just the little two before he showed up. But it's all taken care of, and he was very nice, and we got the food shopping done after naps. I guess that worked out well too since it allowed Zeke to pick out his own summer jammies, which he is totally pumped about. So much so that when we were checking out, he put them on the belt and said to the 16 year old (male) cashier, "These are my new superhero jammas!" And the kid, being sweet, said, "Wow. Those are cool. I want a pair." Which, just made Zeke's day.

Yesterday was our anniversary. Eight years. I spent my day doing laundry, vacuuming, hacking away at more ice, you know. While I was making dinner Finn got into one of the cabinets and broke some of my dishes. No one was hurt, and they're just dishes, so it's fine, but I really did like those dishes. Josh says it's one less thing to pack when we move. I say it's one more thing I get to buy when we move.

Today I had a "transistion to kindergarten" meeting at the elementary school Zeke would be going to if we were still going to be here in the fall. I'm a little sad now he won't be going to school here as all the ladies we met (the kindergarten teachers, the speech therapists, and the occupational therapist) were super nice. The special ed teacher had actually met Zeke before and was SO bummed we were moving. "You mean, I won't get to have Zeke next year? He's just so sweet and I just LOVE him already. I'm so sad now." I think she put that out there 5 or 6 times in the 40 minutes I was there. But, we had to have the meeting as a formality, plus this school is where his paperwork will be should we need anything in the future. Zeke's current teacher also went through the paperwork with me and went over all the guidelines and suggestions she made to help him do well in kindergarten next year. So, hopefully, all of her hard and wonderful work will help and he'll be good to go when we get to New Jersey.

Aaaaand the hubs is calling so I'm off. Caio!

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hopesdl said...

awww.. it is sad ya'll are moving. We will miss you so much.