23 April 2011

My Kids Are Out Of Control

The other day I was at the computer, reading something when I heard knocking coming from downstairs. Realizing it was close to the end of "rest time" I turned off the computer and went downstairs to see why Deacon was knocking. As I opened his door, I scanned the room and didn't see him anywhere. I said, "Deacon? Where are you?" And then I heard him giggle, and his giggle was coming from right next to me.

When I asked him what was he doing in there he said, "Taking a bath." He then invited me to take a bath (in the frog) as well, but I politely declined, as I had just finished taking a shower not 30 minutes ago and felt clean enough. Deacon was thoroughly pleased with himself for getting in there though.

* * * * *

Last night I went downstairs to check on the bigger boys before heading to bed myself. When I opened the door to Zeke's room, I saw the elephant in a most unusual spot.

(That big clump of blankets and such by the head of the bed is Zeke. He slept across his pillows last night.) In the morning, the elephant was still there so the following conversation happened.

ME: What is that elephant doing up there?
ZEKE: He's hanging on the hook.
ME: Why is he hanging on the hook?
ZEKE: Because Deacon can't reach him there.

Because Deacon can't reach him there. Nice.

* * * * *

AND Finn is sick. He threw up a bunch last night. He's been coughing and snotting and pretty much miserable since after dinner yesterday. Looks like we might be spending Easter at home this year.

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