04 April 2011

My Apologies To Those Who May Be Squeamish

Last Wednesday, the guys Josh worked with here had a farewell lunch for him. While we were there, they presented Josh a really sweet bow as a going away gift.

What's really cool about this bow is that they had the Air Force symbol engraved on one side of it and the Army symbol engraved on the other.

So Friday afternoon, a squirrel dared to come out of hibernation a little too early and got itself killed by Josh (with the pellet gun). Always the clever one, Josh decided to set things up so that it looked like he had killed the squirrel with his new bow, and texted the picture (that I took) to his friend.

Yesterday, a second squirrel dared to show itself on our back fence, causing Josh to rush through the house like a crazy man. He emerged from the bedroom with his new bow this time. After mentally debating whether or not her really wanted to try shooting the squirrel with his bow, he drew back and let that arrow fly - right into the squirrel! You guys, my husband SHOT a SQUIRREL with a BOW AND ARROW! I'll spare you that picture since it's kind of gory, but as I saw the squirrel fall from the fence I immediately thought, "I guess I know what I'm blogging about tomorrow."

Now, to say that Josh was totally pumped about SHOOTING A SQUIRREL WITH A BOW AND ARROW might be a slight understatement (sorry to get all "capsy" on you there). But he really was totally pumped. And really, who can blame him?


summer said...

Now that's AWESOME! David's been talking about going bow hunting this Fall w/a friend. MInd you he doesn't hunt or own a bow! I could just see him having too much fun w/ it though! Nice work Josh you should hunt something real! :)

summer said...

I guessed I missed it...are you guys moving?

Ells said...

Wow. We are very impressed!

And what a cool going-away gift!!!

Shadowbreeze said...


Childress Family said...

When you get to the east coast, please send Josh up here with that bow. We have a few critters we wouldn't mind suddenly disappearing.