25 April 2011

Easter 2011: Part One: Amity

I feel like I need to tell the story of our Easter in two parts. Mainly because I have so many pictures from the second part that I want to share, and I don't want this getting too long or overwhelming.

Easter started with Finn still being sick. Therefore, we didn't make it to church (sad). My mom had sent a box of Easter goodies that was supposed to be here on Wednesday for me to give to the boys on Sunday. That box hasn't shown up (it'll probably get here today). Since I was counting on my mom's box, I didn't have anything for the boys myself. And since Finn was so sick, I couldn't get to the store to get anything, just in case.

Cue Amity. I texted Amity on Saturday to see if she was, by any chance, going to Walmart since I needed juice and milk. She was going, and was more than happy to get my groceries for me (at least, I'm assuming she was happy to help). I also asked her to grab some donuts as a special breakfast treat for the boys. When she stopped by to drop off the goodies, she also gave me these colored bubbles. She said they were for the boys, just in case my mom's box didn't get here on time. And since my boys are sweet, bubbles and donuts were a good start to Easter for them.

The rest of the morning progressed like normal (except for the sick Finn and the no church parts). Right about lunch time Amity texted me and asked if her 2 oldest boys could come over and hide eggs in our yard while my boys napped. She even had an extra bag of jelly beans to put in some of the eggs, which was good since Zeke asked specifically if the eggs would have jelly beans. Thank you pre-school for teaching my son that plastic Easter eggs have jelly beans.

So, her boys came over about an hour after my boys went to bed. They went right to work, and the Peavey went right to supervising.

When the boys woke up, I took them outside to hunt for eggs (Finn had to stay in bed and rest). They had such a good time. When I thought we found them all we opened the eggs with the jelly beans and then the boys stayed outside and played with their new bubbles while I got Finn up and took care of him.

When Finn went down for a little rest, it was bath time for the bigger boys, then dinner for all of us, then movie time for the bigger boys and bath time for Finn. Then it was off to bed for all the littles while Mommy rested on the couch watching "Firefly". It was a long Easter, it was a somewhat trying Easter, but in the end, it was a good Easter.


hopesdl said...

aww.. poor Finn..
Well.. at least Deacon and Zeke had fun =)

Embrace the Circus said...

I'm so sorry that the beginning to this solo-parenting stint has been characterized by sickness! We're praying that everyone gets well and stays well for you.

I'm so glad that your friend was able to rescue Easter for the boys. What a blessing!