28 April 2011

It's Also the Second Rule

The first rule about Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club.

While feeding Finn a bottle the other morning, I heard the bigger boys arguing in the play room. Eventually Deacon got frustrated to the point of hitting Zeke (I could hear the punches land on Zeke's back). Zeke then retaliated in a way that made Deacon shriek and start crying. I have no idea what happened because after Deacon started crying the conversations went like this.

ME: Zeke, get out here.
ZEKE: (coming out slowly, hands behind his back) I don't want a spanking, Mom.
ME: I'm not going to spank you. What happened?
ZEKE: I don't know.
ME: Is Deacon crying?
ZEKE: Yes.
ME: Why is Deacon crying?
ZEKE: I don't know.
ME: Did you hit him?
ME: Did you throw something at him?
ZEKE: No. I don't know why he's crying.

ME: Deacon, come out here.
DEACON: (running to the couch, crying) Huh?
ME: Why are you crying?
DEACON: I don't know.
ME: Are you hurt? (Knowing full well he was hurt since he looked like this with that little gash under his eye:)

DEACON: No. I not hurt.
ME: Are you sad?
ME: Then why are you crying?
DEACON: I don't know.
ME: Did Zeke hit you?
ME: Did Zeke kick you?
ME: Did Zeke throw something at you?
ME: Then what happened?
DEACON: Noffing.
ME: Nothing?
DEACON: Noffing. I'm okay.

Sigh. However, I DO know what happened this time:

See that blue bridge in his hands? He was goofing around on the couch, rolled off, and face planted right onto on of the legs of the bridge. Let's just say that since Josh has been gone, Deacon has become quite a bit more...um...rambunctious. Even though Zeke is so skinny he looks like he could snap in half at any moment, I can't help but wonder if it'll be Deacon who breaks a bone first?

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Michelle said...

Is it bad that this made me laugh?