16 April 2011

Of Course.

Things went much better the rest of this week. You know, once all the boys finished throwing up and all that. The weather's been gorgeous (sunny and in the low 40's). We've been walking every evening after dinner. It's been good.

And then there was this morning. We are all still fine and healthy, no worries there. However, already running a few minutes behind schedule this morning, I went into the bathroom to get myself ready to go to speech, when I noticed a trail of water going from under the sink to almost by the toilet, a good 2 or 3 feet stretch. I looked under the sink and saw that one of the valves was leaking and the other was hissing. I called the housing company in charge of our rental and got myself ready while I waited for someone to call me back. She called while I got Deacon ready, and said she'd have the Ken, the handy man, call me. While I waited for Ken to call I turned the water off in the bathroom, got Finn up and ready to go and left the house to head to speech (now a good 10-15 minutes behind schedule). Ken called and said he'll be out here first thing Monday morning and we're not to use the sink in the meantime. Awesome.

So, I've decided to lighten my load a little bit. Who wants him?

I'm kidding of course. I could never send this sweet boy away. Listening to him and Zeke laugh and play on the way home from speech today was too much fun. Also fun is seeing what good buddies they are becoming. Deacon's warming up to Finn a little more too, but Zeke is where it's at. When Josh was here, Finn would crawl to the gate at the top of the stairs and get all antsy until Josh would show up, then there would be excitement and all kinds of fanfare from Finn. Well, since Josh isn't here to welcome home with such glee, Finn now greets Zeke this way when Zeke comes home from school. As soon as Finn hears me go outside to get him, he crawls to the gate and waits. It's really sweet.

Not so sweet though is the work I did in the backyard today. I spent a good hour chipping, chopping, scraping and shoveling away some of the snow and ice that is still hanging out in the parts of our backyard that don't see much (if any) sun. With it being so nice out I'd really like to be able to start sending the bigger boys outside after naptime, but I just can't right now because of all the snow. Unless I want to put them in their snowpants and boots, but that's just ridiculous. It looks like I did a good job today as most of what I got up and spread around the yard has almost melted away. I guess a few more days and we'll be good to go.

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