19 November 2013

Let's Talk About Sleeping With Books

Besides being the name of my new band, sleeping with books is a fairly regular occurrence in our house. I give you examples 1, 2, AND 3, ALL taken on the same night:

The worst "offender" is the wee one. I cannot tell you the number of times we've gone in at night to check on him before we go to bed ourselves and found him squished in the top corner of his bed like this:

because all of this:

was all over his bed.

Now, I love reading as much as the next girl, but I think this might be a little bit out of control. Although, I guess there are worse "problems" than my kids fall asleep with so many books in their beds there's usually not enough room for them.

Sorry for not blogging ALL of last week.  I got a killer cold that wiped me out pretty good most of the week. It didn't stop me from going to a concert or leading Bible study, but it probably should have. I'm feeling mostly better now though, so hopefully I'll get back to blogging a couple times a week again!

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