30 November 2013

Let's Talk About It Being the Last Day of November

Wow guys.  Where did this month go? I seriously have NO idea. We started decorating the house for Christmas today and I'm like, where did this year go? HOW are we almost back to Christmas again? I don't know, it's just crazy.

Anyhoo, we had a really nice Thanksgiving down at Josh's parent's house. Josh's sister Linda, and her son, Sam, were there, as well as Josh's Uncle Ray and Aunt Lorrie, and his cousin, Holly, and her husband, Jordan.  It was really good to see them all again, even if once we were finished eating my kids spent the rest of the evening on iPads.

I must say, though, I was rather impressed with Zeke's ability to carry on a conversation with Holly while playing on the iPad. Only a few times he got too wrapped up to answer her immediately. It was also very sweet watching Deacon and Aunt Lorrie play music together on her iPad.

We all had a great time and oh, my, goodness was there ever SO much food! And of course, all of it was delicious.  I think I gained 11 pounds, but I did so happily. 

I'm so thankful for so much.  For my Savior and His love, grace, and mercy. For my husband who loves me and provides so much for me. For 3 beautiful and wonderful boys who make me laugh (and stress me out - let's be honest) every day. I'm thankful for my family, and my friends; for a home, food, and clothes. God is so good and I'm so thankful.

I guess I'm also thankful for Legos (when they aren't causing fights). And on that note, I'm linking here to Josh's Lego page where he wrote a little Thanksgiving post with the Thanksgiving things he built.  Check it out, it's pretty sweet.  JOSH'S PAGE.

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend (assuming you have one)! I'll see y'all in December (but not tomorrow, I don't like to blog on Sundays)!

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