05 November 2013

Let's Talk About Halloween!

Well, I'm glad I didn't promise to be here every day as I've already let 2 days go by without blogging.  Oh well.

Anyhoo, Halloween was last week and I think it's safe to say we ALL had a really good day. The older boys wore their costumes to school and in the afternoon had a costume parade.  Usually they march the kids around the school, but since it had rained a little in the morning, they marched them around the one parking lot 3 times.  I was able to go because my mom was wonderful and came up to stay with Finn.  There were a bunch of cute costumes, and the parade was fun to watch.

Except for when he was posing for the above picture, 
Ezekiel took this parade thing WAY seriously.

After the parade the kids went back inside for their classroom parties.  I volunteered to be a classroom mom for Ezekiel's class this year (since I was nominally one last year for Deacon's class). For this party I was put in charge of the craft and I think the kids enjoyed it.  They all did a great job. We made little lanterns I guess you'd call them. Basically they glued tissue paper over a baby food jar, added some googly eyes and put in an LED tea light. Here's Ezekiel's:

You can see my example watching from the shadows.

After school was over we went home, tried to get Finn into his costume (with no success), and went to the bus stop on the end of our street for the little parade they do on base. All of the kids looked really sweet as they walked down our street then up to the community center where there was hot dogs and cookies and pictures to color. A bunch of our friends were there so we hung around for a little bit.  Then we went home and watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" until it was time to trick-or-treat. Or, until it was time to release...the ninjas!

My mom and I took the boys around to the houses on our street while Josh handed out candy, then we switched. Josh and my mom took the boys over to another part of base for more trick-or-treating while I stayed home and handed out candy.  Since it was a warm night, I invited my neighbor over with her candy and we sat outside my house chatting while handing out candy.  It certainly made the evening more enjoyable for me.

The boys (all 4 of them) had a great time trick-or-treating and got so. much. candy. Once they were finished it was time for bed and for my mom to head home.  All in all, a pretty great day, if I do say so myself.  And I do!

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