06 November 2013

Let's Talk About "Melty Beads"

I'm sitting at the table with the older 2 boys while they make some "melty beads". Ezekiel is making a cross and Deacon is making Jesus walking on the water.

As they were working this little conversation happened:

Ezekiel: I'm making this for Jesus.
Deacon: I'm making this for Jesus too.
E: Jesus is going to love this.
D: Jesus is going to love this too.
E: I'm going to bring this to Heaven with me and give it to Jesus there.
D: I'm going to bring mine to Heaven too for Jesus.
*five second pause*
D: Welllll, I'm probably going to forget mine when I go to Heaven.

I don't know why that tickles me so much. It's like Deacon knows himself well enough to know he'll intend to bring Jesus his gift, but he'll definitely not bring it when it comes time to. I also love that they're making melty bead pictures of Jesus (well, one's of Jesus and one is of His cross) FOR Jesus. Such sweet boys.

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