02 November 2013

Let's Talk About Hats

Another reason I haven't been blogging much is because I've been busy making hats.  Hats for Christmas, hats for Kirsten's coworkers, a hat for a birthday, all kinds of hats.  Linda, don't let Sam see this post, I'd hate to ruin his Christmas surprise. *giggle*

For Christmas I made my nephew, Sam, a sweet looking minion hat. (The link is to the pattern because it's a wonderfully written pattern and that lady deserves mad props for it.) Shortly after I finished it my sister, Kirsten, came over and was saying how her boss had decided to dress up as Gru for Halloween and wanted everyone else to dress up his minions.  She was saying how they weren't sure how they were going to do it. I was still excited about Sam's hat so I got it out and showed it to her.  Wouldn't you know it, her coworkers all loved it and I was asked to make 6 of them for Halloween (about 2 weeks before). Plus 2 or 3 extra ones, but those can be done whenever she says. Well, I worked hard and I got them all finished in just under 2 weeks.  I must say, they came out really cute, and apparently everyone was pretty well pleased with them:

At the same time I was making those, I was working secretly on Josh's birthday hat.  Well, it was originally going to be a Christmas gift, but I was too excited to wait until then. I would bring it with me to soccer practices if I knew for certain Josh wasn't going to show up. I mainly worked on it Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays after school. Soccer was Tuesdays and Thursdays, so the other days we would hang out at the school playground and the boys would run around and work off some energy before we'd head home to do homework and dinner and what's it. So, while the boys played I knit:

It's a TARDIS hat! This past summer Josh and I blew through all 7 seasons of the "new" Doctor Who and LOVED almost every single minute of it.  It is a brilliant show and a lot of fun. As I was writing this I realized I don't have picture of Josh in his hat, so I used one of the two of me in the hat.

Besides all of these hats, as if they weren't enough, I've also been working on other knitted Christmas presents and have been keeping my self quite happily busy. Since they are Christmas presents for people who read this I won't write any more about them...for now. And that is it for now.  Tomorrow (or Monday, I don't know if I'll blog on Sundays yet or not) we will talk about our Halloween!


Amity said...

Yay for hats! The minions are just adorably cute. Crochet queen! And the Tardis hat..very cool! Wish I could come sit and knit with you.

Anna B. said...

I'm in love with your Doctor Who hat!! Do you have a pattern for it that you could send to me? I'd definitely appreciate it (:

(If yes, my email is rja.annab@gmail.com)