29 February 2012

I Meant to Post About This MONTHS Ago - Part 3

There will be no pictures today. Today there is just a really long story. A really long story that isn't about the kids, but a story that I've been meaning to share because it's just so...REALLY?! That being said, my feelings will not be hurt if you decide to skip over this one.

WAY back in August, I broke my phone. If you remember back to February 2011, you'll remember that I had broken my phone before and Josh got me not only a new phone, but an upgraded phone. So this was my iPhone 4, that broke in August. This phone would randomly throw itself off of counters, tables, couches, whatever. I cannot tell you the number of times I've put my phone down somewhere, walked away, then came back and found it on the floor. So one night I was doing dishes and listening to music on my phone. I walked away from the sink for a few minutes and when I came back my phone had jumped off the window ledge into a plate of water.

Now, the phone essentially worked fine afterwards, but I couldn't hear anything on it. None of my apps made any sounds. My iTunes no longer played through the speakers. I could hear it ring if someone called or texted, but if I answered the phone I couldn't hear what anyone was saying. This often lead to me answering my phone like this, "Hey Whoever! My phone is broken, I can't hear you, so I'm going to call you back from my house line." Good times. Eventually Josh convinced me to go to the local Double B (I'll not put their "real" name for whatever reason) and get it fixed.

SO, I got down one in the beginning of September and tell them I need to get my phone fixed. They look up my phone and, of course, there's a problem. Apparently when Josh upgraded my phone back in February, the people at the Double B in Alaska did NOT change over my phone insurance. They left it on the old phone, because apparently your insurance covers your phone, not your phone number. So, I was told to call their 800 number and explain why my phone doesn't have insurance, ask them to insure it, and then go back, but mention nothing about needing my phone fixed while getting it insured.

The next day I called the 800 number and got an incredibly helpful woman (no sarcasm here). She was SO incredibly irate on my behalf at what had happened. She told me to march myself back to my local Double B, INSIST they insure my phone and then she filled out the necessary paperwork to have the past 7 months I'd been paying insurance on a phone I didn't have refunded to me. Sweet!

SO, back to the Double B I went. I got my phone insured, and was asked to wait about a week before I requested they fix my phone just so things didn't look shady. FINE. I left, and returned a week later. They took my phone, gave me a replacement (which I HATED - seriously whatever kind of phone it was it was terrible) and told me they'd call when my new phone was in. Apparently they return your old broken one and send you a new unbroken one. Okay.

However many days later I got the call that my phone was in and so I went to pick it up only to find out that they had sent me an iPhone 3 instead of my iPhone 4. Yeah. "Oops! Our bad" they said. "We'll take care of that right away" they said. "We'll put a rush on it and have your new phone, your correct phone in 2 days" they said. Riiiight.

Almost a week later, I call them to see if my phone is in, and they say it is. So I scurry down (SO sick of my replacement phone by now) only to find they sent the wrong phone AGAIN. AHHH!! SO now I have TWO iPhone 3s sitting there waiting for me and NO iPhone 4s. Not sure if I should laugh, cry, or punch someone in the face at this point, I explained my entire situation (for the 5th time) and was finally given to someone with some competence. He took my information, the information of the people who had helped me before and set it all straight. This nice young man, kept me informed the entire time. I think he called me 4 times as each phase of his plan was put into place and finally FINALLY my new phone, my correct phone was there. Hallelujah!

Of course, once my phone was there they had to transfer all of my contacts and things from my old phone to my new one. Somehow I wound up with 3 times as many contacts (which I'm still trying to figure out and combine and delete), and no saved calendar entries. I was a bit upset by that as everything we'd done for the past 2 years was on that calendar and ONLY that calendar. Needless to say I now have a calendar book that I physically write in. Anyhoo...the point of all this long-winded-ness is that it only took Double B a month and a half to replace my phone for me. A month and a half of ridiculousness and irritation. Sigh. You gotta love technology, right?

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Corry said...

i do not shop at Double B and i know who ur talking about because i had no service when i was shopping for a stove for the condo so i bought one else where needless to say Double B is not a store to get help in