21 February 2012

How the Obsession Started

WAY back in October/November, Josh's parents gave us all of Josh's old LEGOs, as well as his cousin's and his dad's and his neighbor's second cousin's girlfriend's little brother's. Okay, not quite that many people's LEGOs were involved, but we got so. many. LEGOS. See?

All of those trays were full of pieces. That box was FILLED to the BRIM with just LEGO pieces. AND there was another box almost that size with MORE LEGOS! Once we had ALL of the LEGOS (in the WORLD!) Josh decided to put together all of the LEGO sets that he has directions for. Needless to say, this kept us (yes, US) pretty busy. There was much sorting to do and so many sets of directions to put together. We even let the boys help at times:

Finn helped by not actually eating any of the pieces. Just to give you some idea of what all we have and put together and what's it, I present, for your viewing pleasure:



Knights and Castles:

and Town and Country:

Complete with an incredibly old school kitchen set that Josh's mom bought back in the 70's, I believe:

I think we had it all finished by the end of 2011. It was insane. It was intense. SO insane and intense in fact, it took me until now to get over it enough to post about it. Oh yeah. We've broken down all the sets and put them into baggies so that whenever we're ready to do LEGOs again we can pull out one set at a time and know we have all the pieces for it. But we're not ready for that yet. Maybe when Zeke turns 10 Josh and I will be fully recovered from a month of intense LEGO building to bring them back out and build again. Maybe.


Evan Walter said...

A lot of those sets look familiar. I think i might have some road pieces if you guys want them.

Linda said...

I loved that kitchen set! We had so many good times with those Legos. :) You guys are the bomb diggity for putting them all together. (And doing it so quickly!)

Aunt Awesome

Julie Danielle said...

That is awesome! My boys would flip! Why can't we be stationed at the same place again? lol

Corry said...

i love it so cool! oh guess what they now have Legos for GIRLS im super excited about them :)

Anonymous said...

Super fun! Sort of like a huge jigsaw puzzle that you leave out and work on til it's finished? :) I have my brothers' old Lego sets and they are already coming in handy when the sons of Chad's coworkers are here for work functions.

I can't believe you actually put them all together, though. Love it that you have them arranged by theme!