22 February 2012

Where the Obsession Has Led

Knowing how much Josh enjoys LEGOs and how much the bigger boys were getting into LEGOs, Josh's parents got him one of the LEGO board games for Christmas.

The boys, Zeke in particular, absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this game. This is where the obsession part of the post title comes into "play" (heh heh), because the boys are OBSESSED with this game. Zeke would play it every minute of every day if we would let him.

Since we won't let him play the board game all the time, he likes to role play the game with Deacon, or his toys, or his stuffed animals.

I should probably stop here for a second and explain how the game is played. As you can sort of see on the box cover, the game is set up like a maze and as your player makes his way through the maze he fights different bad guys and uses potions and has special powers and abilities. You roll a dice and each roll means different things as you go about the game. It's really kind of fun - or EXTREMELYINCREDIBLYSOSOSOSOOSOMUCHFUNBECAUSEIT'STHEBESTGAMEEVER!!! if you're Zeke.

So, back to Zeke's obsession. It's gotten to the point where it shows up everywhere. Besides in every day play, he uses other blocks to make game boards:

He draws pictures of game boards and the monsters and everything:

It's a constant thing in the house right now. So, being the parents that we are, we've indulged it a little and made some "life-sized" boards for the boys to play the game on:

Zeke was beside himself with excitement. Deacon was pretty pumped too, but Zeke sort of stood there in shock for a few seconds. Once he saw what was going on, it was game on (literally):

This past Saturday Josh and his dad set up another life-sized board in the backyard. (We like to set them up while the boys are in bed resting, so it's a big surprise when they get up. And so they're not getting in the way while we try to set them up.) This time Deacon was beside himself with excitement, which apparently led to all kinds of fall-dee-rah.

So that's, um, that's what's been going on here. LEGOs, LEGOs, and more LEGOs. Sometimes I just shake my head and think "Oh those Walter boys."

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