27 February 2012

I Meant to Post About This MONTHS Ago - Part 1

Way back in December, one Sunday during Advent to be exact, Zeke had me cracking up during the chapel service. I'm not sure what got into him this particular morning, but he was doing a really good job paying attention, and made hilarious comments to prove it.

One of the songs we sang that morning was "Away in a Manger". As we were singing Zeke asked, "What's a manger?" So I explained that a manger was a place, sort of like a barn, but probably like a cave, where farm animals lived. We listed some animals together that might have lived in a manger, when he said, "But not dragons. Dragons take the sheep away." Yes. The ONLY reason a dragon wouldn't be living in a manger is because of the danger they would pose to the sheep.

Then, when it came time to light the Advent candles, Zeke practically jumped out of his pew and exclaimed, "They're going to light the pink candle! I'm so excited! I want the pink one!" This even made someone behind us chuckle.

As the chaplain was praying later (after offering I think - I really should have written this back when it was all fresh in my head), he prayed over the congregation, using the term "sheep" as pastors and chaplains are wont to do, when Zeke popped his head up and said loudly, "Sheep?! I'm not a sheep! That's goofy!"

My favorite part of chapel though, is that every week they ask for prayer requests and every week Zeke's hand is the first one up and he is putting out some sort of prayer request or another. Requests like, "My dad is gone, pray for his safety." or "My brother's stomach hurts. Please pray he feels better." Then there are requests where he says a whole bunch of whatever, and then Josh or I have to clarify. For example, "It's presidents no school my Savannahs birthday holiday school." which means, "It's Presidents Day so there's no school tomorrow, but tomorrow is his friend Savannah's birthday." And the like.

You may just have to trust me when I say it's making going to church a whole lot more fun.

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Anonymous said...

oh zeke, I wish we could sit right behind you in Chapel!!!