28 February 2012

I Meant to Post About This MONTHS Ago - Part 2

So way back in November, I had the amazing opportunity to go to the annual PWOC conference. This year was the regional conference, and it was held at Sandy Cove Ministries in Maryland. The location was gorgeous. The conference was FANTASTIC. I seriously had a great time.

It was a little hard leaving as this was the first time EVER I've left ANY of my kids over night. That's right, in almost 6 years of being a mother, this was the first time I've spent a night somewhere childless. I was a bit sad at first, I'll admit it, and I did miss the boys terribly, but it was really a wonderful thing.

As you can see by the picture at the top of this post, Josh's sister, Linda, was able to come too. It was so great spending the weekend with her. It was also great spending the weekend with the group of ladies from my PWOC here who made the trip. It was also a great time to rest and reconnect with God, and to learn so many things.

Also, I climbed the rock wall. I scaled both the beginner wall and the intermediate wall. I am a champion.

I think my favorite part of the trip was the night we decided to play mini-golf at 10pm. It. was. hilarious. The lights weren't working (or something) so we played in the dark, with one little flashlight for lighting. Boy did we have a great time.

The best part of the whole weekend though? Was probably seeing this amazing woman again:

This is my dear friend San, known and loved by many as Glitter. She is a friend of mine from my beach mission days, so we've known each other for...um...what?!...15 years! Wow. She is such a fun lady and I truly adore her. I'm not sure when the last time I saw her was before this weekend, but it was probably close to a decade.

So there you have it. My first weekend away from my kids was a weekend filled with God, friends, fun, tears, laughter, and all kinds of cherished memories. I can hardly wait for the next one!

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Linda said...

I can hardly wait for the next one either! What a great weekend. I'm so glad you invited me!