07 September 2011


Yesterday was Zeke's first day of kindergarten. It was also his first day going to school all day long instead of for a couple of hours in the morning. It's kind of funny, I didn't realize what all full day kindergarten entailed until a few weeks ago when the chaplain was praying and asked God to provide good friends for our kids at school to play with and to eat lunch with. Then it hit me. Oh. my. goodness. My baby is going to be eating lunch at school. In the cafeteria! Talk about a mind blowing moment (not to mention a tear producing moment).

Anyhoo, back to yesterday. I hate to say it, but there isn't too much to say. We got up, I made pancakes for breakfast, I got the boys dressed and such as usual. I did have to put the tv on for 10 minutes just to get them all to be quiet for a few minutes as they were starting to stress me out. Since Zeke was super excited, he walked around the house for 20 minutes asking, "Is it time to go yet? Can I put my sneakers on now? Can I have my backpack now? Is it time to go? Is the bus coming? Can I put my sneakers on? Can we go? Is it time to go?" Et cetera. Obviously this is completely understandable and didn't really phase me. Added to it though was Deacon walking around behind Zeke asking, "Can I go to school too? Can I have a lunchbox too? Can I ride the bus too? Can I go to school too? Can I have my Thomas backpack? Can I go on the bus? Can I go to school too?" Et cetera. Again, understandable, but slightly unnerving since my answers to him were all the same NO. I don't enjoy repeating myself over and over and over. Et cetera. But THEN, to top it off was Finn who was following me everywhere whining and falling over and pulling on my shorts and whining and trying to bite my legs/eat my shorts (I'm not really sure what he's doing there) and falling and whining. Et cetera.

FINALLY it was time to go. We put our shoes on and dashed to the bus stop as it was pouring out. We met another mother whose little boy is going into 1st grade at the same school Zeke is going to, which is really nice, as now we have more new friends. Yay. The bus showed up, Zeke threw out a "Good-bye Mom" as he got on the bus. No hug, no kiss, no sign of hesitation. He just threw out a good-bye and off he went. For my part, I didn't cry. I think because I was still a little stressed, and because I had to go food shopping, plus all the rain made it more like, "good, he's taken care of, on to the next thing".

The rest of the day went like usual. Food shopping, lunch, naps, laundry, and all that jazz. Nap time does seem quieter without Zeke here for that, but I'm not sure why. Poor Deacon adjusted to Zeke being at school all day the hardest. I think he asked for Zeke a good 17 times. As we left for the store, when we got to the store, when we got in the store, when we left the store, when we got home from the store, when "rest time" was over (we had "rest time" yesterday so I could unload the groceries without "help"), when it was lunch time, when lunch was over, when he watched some tv while I made lunch, when he went down for his nap. So maybe not 17, but close enough. Deacon really missed Zeke yesterday.

When it was time, I walked back to the bus stop (leaving the other two in bed since it was still raining, and since they were still sleeping) to pick Zeke up. He bounded off the bus, super excited that he had eaten ALL of his lunch. He chatted a little bit about his day, but not much - boys. After a few questions he got this look on his face so I asked, "Are you tired of me asking you questions about your day?" He said he was so I stopped pestering him, and waited for him to offer more info about his day, which he did.

Apparently, on his first day of school, Zeke went to the gym, but they didn't play gym (I think they had a little assembly - listen to the principal kind of thing). He went to music and sang songs. He has boys and girls in his class but he doesn't know how many or any of their names. His teacher is nice. He ate all of his lunch. And he really likes it. So that's good. In fact, this morning he was getting dressed and said, "I'm excited to go to school today." That's my good boy. Here's hoping he keeps that attitude all year long.


corry said...

so glad he had an awesome first day of school. miss u! xoxo

Michelle said...

Gosh, this made me cry. I am clearly NOT ready for Liam to start Kindergarten next year. I hope it conintues to go great.