29 September 2011

Does Everyone Have Their Violin Ready?

So, as I said at the end of yesterday's post, Josh left AGAIN for Tuscon on Monday. It's been kind of a rough week. Starting on Sunday when Finn threw up around 8pm. Thankfully Josh was home to help with that (and get thrown up on), so I won't dwell on this. I will say that he woke up at 3:15 and 5:30am happy and ready to go. Oh yeah.

So Monday morning, Josh leaves and Finn turns Mr. Cranky Pants. I do not like Mr. Cranky Pants. MCP is NOT a lot of fun. In fact, he's no fun at all. He just walks around and whines. He doesn't want to be held, he doesn't want his drink, he doesn't want to play/read/eat/color/watch tv. He just wants to whine. All. day. long. But besides MCP showing up, it wasn't too bad of a day.

Around 10 that night though, I heard crying coming from the upstairs. Afraid it was Finn throwing up again, I ran up and found Deacon sitting up in his bed sobbing. Eventually he calmed down, but insisted I stay with him, which he never does. Usually, once he's calm he sends me on my way. But he said, "Mommy I need you to stay here and hold me." So I did. A few minutes later he told me I could go, but that I had to go to bed. So I did. I turned off the tv, got ready, read my Bible, and got into bed around 11. Which is when Finn started crying.

I got out of bed checked on him, no throw up. Just MCP making it known he was still around. Eventually he calmed down and fell back asleep. Until 1am when he woke up crying again. This time I stayed in bed and listened as Finn usually wakes up and cries at least during his sleep, but he goes right back to sleep on his own. Which is what he did this time. And sleep he did, until 3am. This time, he didn't stop crying so I got up and checked on him. Twenty minutes later he was still fussing, and I had no more tricks to try, not to mention eyes that were burning and twitching with exhaustion. So I put him back in bed and let him cry it out. And cry he did until 4am. Of course, listening to my baby cry for an hour made me feel quite stressed and so it was another hour until I was able to fall asleep (5am for those keeping track).

Tuesday morning Deacon had a hard time getting out of bed (I assumed because of being up the night before for a little bit), Finn seemed okay, but still cranky, and Zeke was fine. So Finn and I walked Zeke to bus while Deacon stayed home and played. Finn got super cranky at the bus (VERY unlike him) and I realized, hey, it's been quite some time since he's pooped, I bet he's constipated! Which, he was. He didn't poop ALL day, which meant he was cranky (again) all day.

I put Finn down for a little rest in the morning (mainly because I needed a break, but he did sleep some and woke up better - for a bit anyway). Deacon and I watched some Sesame Street. After it was over, he just sort of hung out on the couch together. For 20 minutes. It was really nice, but I should have known it was a bad omen. I got Finn up at 10, and we were going to go Target because I needed a few things from there. But, as I came downstairs with Happier Finn, Deacon threw up on the couch. Oh boy. Deacon then spent the rest of the day on the couch, doing nothing but looking miserable. (By the way, one of the things I needed from Target was some sort of children's Tylenol or something...yeah.) So, I sent Zeke to soccer with a neighbor and spent the whole day at home with one sick boy and one constipated boy.

Wednesday morning came and everyone was good! Finn had pooped so he was incredibly happy. Deacon was feeling much better so he was incredibly chatty and excited about everything. Zeke was, well, Zeke. Unfortunately Deacon wasn't feeling up to leaving the house Wednesday so I didn't get to Bible study OR Target (so there's still no medicine besides the infant variety). Zeke came home from school, and seemed a little off walking back from the bus. He went in without me as I stood outside and chatted with a friend. All of a sudden, I heard him crying.

I went inside and he was standing at the top of the stairs, bawling, because he had wet himself. The poor kid rarely has accidents, so when he does, it truly devastates him. So I helped him out of his wet clothes, he went some more in the toilet, and kept on crying. I thought, at first, he was just upset about the accident, but by the time I got him upstairs to get him clean clothes, he was holding his stomach, crying even harder, curled up in a ball on his bed. Great.

Long story short (too late!), Zeke spent a good hour or so curled up, holding his stomach, crying. He calmed down a little bit when I moved him to the couch and put on Backyardigans. He ate some dinner because apparently he was hungry. He was even fine during the movie. But as soon as it was over, he was upstairs and curled up and crying again. I gave him some infant stuff and put him in some pajama pants. I think he fell asleep in 2 minutes. Add to this day the fact that Josh texted me and said he was getting sick and felt awful. Yeah.

Thursday Zeke woke up fine. They all did (including Josh). So we FINALLY went to Target (there was no school for Zeke Thursday or Friday for Rosh Hashanah). We got there, I got them all set up in the cart and realized I didn't have my wallet. SIGH. An older woman smiled at me when she saw what was going on and said, "We all have days like these." SO, I loaded the boys back up into the car, drove home, and spent 5 minutes looking all over for my wallet without any luck. SIGH again. I found my phone (apparently I forgot to grab that the first time around) and my one credit card, but no wallet. My license and my military ID were already in my car (for various reasons) so I had everything I "needed". And back to Target we went. Half way through our shopping though Zeke started looking worse and worse. By the time we finished and got some lunch he really wasn't doing well. (Josh wasn't doing as well as his day went on either.) Poor Zeke was SO excited to "go to the red circle store and eat pizza for lunch!" But when it came time to eat the pizza, he was feeling so terrible that he only had one bit. Maybe.

We got home, I put the other 2 in bed, took Zeke's temperature (102-ish), gave him some Children's Tylenol (yay!) and put him down for a nap too. I then sat down to blog and do some things on the computer. Ten minutes after sitting down I found my wallet.

Yeah. Right there next to the keyboard. Ahem, moving on. After nap time all boys were doing pretty well. They played quietly while I cleaned the house a little (IE. cleaned up the papers that had been multiplying all over my counter during the week). Then we had dinner, but by dinner Zeke was fading again. He ate half of it, so I figured that was pretty good. I set up a movie and gave him a pillow to lay on so he'd rest during the movie. A few minutes before the end of the movie Katherine and Kirsten showed up (they babysat for me again today) and that made everyone super happy and super excited. I'm kind of glad Zeke was a bit ill as it kept him relatively calm. Deacon on the other hand...

But today everyone woke up feeling well, and so far, has stayed feeling well. Josh says he has a headache, but hopefully he'll be better by the time he gets home. Two hours late. Yep. He texted me this morning and said they were 2 hours delayed before they even took off or boarded or anything. Hopefully he won't have to go anywhere next week.

So there you have it. My rough week in a very big nutshell. Thanks again for listening and for your support. Next week I'll catch you up on some of the more fun things we've done this past month!


Ells said...

oh Beth, it sounds awful... I hope you can catch up on some sleep now that Josh is home.

Michelle said...

You have had your share of tummy bugs this year. I hope you stay healthy. Poor boys :-(

Meagan said...

Hang in there. Being a "single mommy" is tough. You need a spa day when the hubby is home.

Linda said...

I'm sorry for laughing at the picture of your wallet right there next to your keyboard but I just couldn't help myself. Sick boys and solo parenting however, not so funny. I felt so sad for Zeke's failed pizza lunch at the red circle store. :( Poor boy! I'm glad they're better now.


Childress Family said...

Seems like there has to be a minor disaster when the Daddy leaves. Why, oh, why is that?!

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