29 September 2011

Can I Get a Little Cheese to Go With This Whine?

Not that I like complaining or anything, but we've been having a rough time here lately and I just need to vent a little. Plus, I mentioned how stressed I was to a friend last night and she asked what was going on and I realized that I've been trying so hard to keep my head above water here that I haven't been blogging/tweeting/whatever-ing, to keep my friends aprised of all that's going on over here in Walterland. So, forgive me, and now allow me to fill you in and catch you up a bit.

Two weeks ago Josh left for Fort Benning, Georgia on Monday morning and got home Thursday afternoon. That trip went fine, nothing major to write about really. The next week (or last week) Josh left Wednesday morning for Tuscon and came home Friday evening. This trip didn't go as smoothly as the first did.

Wednesday morning I fell down the stairs. During naptime that day my sisters came up to babysit for me that evening as it was my first ever Back to School Night. So, the twins showed up, Zeke got home from school, and then he promptly went insane. Just being crazy and melting and getting crazy again, and running into his brothers and what's it. SO I sent him to bed for 10 minutes. He, of course, cried as I put him up there, and about 5 minutes into his "rest time" he started screaming. I went up, spanked him and told him he is not allowed to scream like that just because he's upset. Cry? Fine. Scream? No.

While he was upstairs having a fit, I ordered some Chinese food for dinner. Kirsten, apparently, doesn't like Chinese food (what?!) and so I said she could make a frozen pizza for dinner. Since we live on base, delivery food people aren't allowed on so I had to meet him at the base's Visitor Center. While I was waiting for him I texted Katherine to start the oven as I had forgotten to do it before I left. When I got home, the oven was beeping like crazy and it wasn't heating up properly. So I cleared whatever Katherine had done to it, reset it and burned Kirsten's pizza. However, after Kirsten's pizza finished cooking, the oven refused to turn off, and just. kept. getting. hotter. Then it started beeping. Every. 5. seconds. And it would beep until I hit the Clear All button. But 5 seconds after that button had been hit, it would beep. Again. And again. And again. Then I accidentally locked the door. I finally figured out how to clear it and get it to stop beeping, but it stayed hot and locked. Housing Guy (who I called) said it sounded like the Self Clean button got hit, which I'm not sure it did as I was very careful NOT to press that button ever, but whatever. Evenutally it cooled down, and once it cooled down it unlocked. It was just a lot to have to stand there, so sore from falling earlier, stressed out because of Zeke crying and Finn freaking out over dinner (I forgot to give him his silverware), pressing the button over and over and over.

Anyway, eventually I gave up on the evening and left for Back to School Night, which was lovely. Zeke's teacher is super cute and super excited about everything, so I think he's going to have a really good year. Maybe I'll revisit BtSN in another post. But that's it on that for now.

Thursday afternoon was soccer practice. Sigh. K&K had already left so it was just me and my boys. Finn was everywhere, it was warm and I was in jeans and a long sleeve since it had been cold in my house, so I got tired and a little cranky quickly. About half way through practice though I looked up and saw Zeke and Deacon wrestling. I let Finn run in their direction so I could go over and tell them to knock it off. Actually, I first yelled at them from behind the bleachers and it was pretty funny watching them look all around like, "where did her voice come from?!" So as I was standing there telling them to knock it off, one of the coach's helpers came over and offered to separate them. Without Zeke there, Deacon apparently decided to mess with the next kid in line. I looked up to see him tugging on this boy's shirt, making the boy cry. So I called him to me, told him to go apologize to the boy, and then come back to where I was because he was done with soccer for the rest of the day (it was 10 minutes from being done). So, he apologized to the kid (I think/hope) and came back to me a bit upset. But he got over it quickly. Good times.

Friday was pretty uneventful. I think. And since this post is now longer than I had expected already, I'm going to end here and write about this week tomorrow. Thanks for listening, whoever is still reading. Sometimes it helps to just vent.


corry said...

i think u need to see me and miss sophia asap love u!

Linda said...

Beth, you are hereby banned from all oven use. Seriously. You are jinxy.

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