21 September 2011

I Am Now, Officially, A Soccer Mom

Soccer "season" started yesterday. We registered Zeke and Deacon, and boy did they have fun last night. I'm fairly certain they had NO idea what was going on most of the time, but that didn't stop them from running around like a bunch of monkey-headed hooligans.

I am pretty excited about this little soccer league they're playing in. It's through the base, so it's on base. In fact, it's about a 5 minute walk from our house, so I don't even have to drive there. It's an hour on Tuesday and an hour on Thursday. After a few practices, they'll make Thursdays game days. I like that, as it means we won't have any games on the weekends or at crazy times on whatever evenings. And since our boys have never played in any sort of organized sports before, this will be a good introduction for them.

There are a bunch of kids playing this year too. I think the head coach was a little overwhelmed at the number of kids that showed up yesterday. He made the comment at one point that there are probably twice as many kids this year as last year. Then he made them all go run a lap around the field - I think he needed the time to mentally prepare for the rest of the hour. Whee!

But it went well. All the kids had a good time. And besides the mosquitoes, all the parents seemed to have a good time. I was thankful when Josh showed up and took Finn home so I didn't have to chase him all. over. the field. anymore. I will have to go better prepared next time with plenty of things to (hopefully) occupy Finn. On our walk home, both boys informed me that "they won" at soccer that night. Yes you did boys, yes you did.


Childress Family said...

Hooray for winning every time. :) Beth, it was SO great to see you guys the other day. Brought back heart-warming memories. Let's plan for more gatherings over these next couple of years.

Julie said...

That is great! So cool about Thurs games. We had to take Daniel out because our weekends are just too nuts right now.