13 September 2011

The House Part One: Ground Floor

Now that our stuff is essentially unpacked, and our house is, for the most part, "settled", I figured it was time to let you all see Walterland New Jersey. And since I don't really want to overburden the post with picture after picture, I've decided to break it up into a 3 part series, one part (day) for each floor. I have also taken video of each floor, so that those who want to maybe feel like they're actually here, being given a tour, they can do that. And since I'm the only one home right now (Josh is on a trip to Ft. Benning) the video tour isn't all that great. I guess I could wait until Josh is home and shoot it then, but I don't want to wait anymore. SO, without further adieu, I give you, the ground floor of our new house.

First, we have the front door, as well as the rest of our building (I guess). Upon entering the house, you find yourself in a little entryway...go figure.

(from the other side of the entryway)

To your immediate left, as you enter the entryway is the garage.
We are still working on this area, but should soon have it ready to house my car.

If you look, you'll see a door in the back wall of the garage. This is the first (of many) storage areas the house has.

Josh has chosen this one to be the home for his little selection of "man cave" stuff (his bow and arrows, fishing stuff, some army stuff, etc).

Now, if you scroll back up the entryway, you'll see a doorway directly across from the front door.
If you go through this door you will enter into the laundry room/area.
Very exciting stuff, I know.

Now, while the laundry room itself may not be very exciting, what is super cool is the laundry shoot the house has. Oh, yeah! There's a door on each floor to drop laundry down.
We all love it.

Now if you scroll back up to the laundry room picture, you'll see a door. That's our back door.

It leads to the backyard.Eh? It's nice and fenced in, even if it is a wee bit small. But right on the other side of the fence is a bit of a bigger area that we can just go out to and run around in.
(Also notice how conveniently close the chapel is located.)

On (in?) the back side of the house are two more storage areas.
One has a few things since it also has the heating system and stuff.

The other has all of our "play stuff".
Oh, and all of our strollers.

Now, last but not least is possibly the best room in the whole house. It is certainly the best room on the ground floor at least.

The book nook!

SO many books. And board games. It's a little out of control, but that's how we like it.
And that brings us to the stairs, and the end of our tour for today.

My name is Beth, and I have enjoyed being your tour guide this day, and look forward to showing more of the house tomorrow. Until then, here's the video I mentioned earlier (for those who want to see it).


Michelle said...

You might be the cutest thing ever. The ground floor looks great!

Ells said...

great house! Can't wait for the next installments!!! :)

Embrace the Circus said...

Laundry chute = awesome. I dream of things like a laundry chute!

Amity said...

Love the laundry chute! Awesomeness! And where'd you get all those books? Were they in storage here like the fondue pot?

Julie said...

So cute! Love the laundry chute. That is too cool!