12 December 2012

Two Excited Little Boys

Today at PWOC (the women's Bible study group I go to on base) had everyone bring in a dozen homemade cookies, which we divided and handed out to the gate guards around base.  We had so many cookies, we were able to give some to the fire house as well.  After Finn and I picked up Deacon from school, we gave one bag of goodies to the guards at the gate as we came back on base, then headed on to the fire house.
One of the firemen, Jeff, goes to chapel on the weekends he's working up here.  Jeff happened to be working today and answered the door before I could even ring the bell to be let in.  He said, "We saw you coming a mile away."  So we brought in the cookies as the men were eating lunch and I told them who the cookies were from and all that kind of thing.  I said it was PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) and one of them guys said, "More like CWOC - Cool Women of the Chapel."  I think they appreciated the gift.
As we were making our way back out, Deacon kept looking around.  I told Jeff he was probably looking for all of the trucks, so Jeff let us go into the garage and look around!  Oh man, was Deacon thrilled.  Finn was pretty excited too, but the smile on Deacon's face was priceless (and lasted the entire 15 minutes we spent in there).  They walked all around every truck they had in there, as Jeff told them what each truck did.
When we had made our way all the way around the garage, Jeff asked Deacon if he'd like to "drive" one of the fire trucks.  Would he ever! Of course, as soon as Deacon was up in the seat Finn started trying to climb up saying, "Mine turn!"  When Finn got his turn, he refused to come back down.  But down he came, and off we went, super excited, and wanting to be firemen when we grow up.  At least, that's what Deacon said as we were getting in the car.  "When I get bigger and growed up, I'm going to wear the fireman clothes and hat, and I'm going to drive the firetruck and help people who need help, because that's what firemen do."  Sounds good sweet boy.

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