17 December 2012

Trimming Our Own Tree

Saturday morning we all piled into the car, and we went out and got our Christmas tree.  We got a really nice tree for a really nice price.  When we got home, Deacon was so excited by the whole thing that he was more than happy to help us set the thing up.  (Zeke decided to color and Finn curled up on the big chair with the iPad.)  Here we are, cutting it free after putting it in its stand
After nap time was over, the older boys helped Josh string the tree with lights:

Because Deacon was the only one who helped set up the tree he got the priviledge of helping Josh put the star on the top of the tree:
Once the star was up, the rest of the ornaments followed.  And I must say, we have the most ecclectic collection of ornaments ever.  There's no rhyme or reason to it at all, and I love it.

Once the tree was all set up it was, apparently, time for dancing.  After all, who doesn't love a good wild man dance around a newly set up and decorated Christmas tree?

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