08 December 2012

He's Quite the Little Man

After Finn and I loaded the car with groceries at the commissary the other day, I told Finn to get into his seat.  He looked up at me and said, "But I want that one."  This rather confused me so I asked, "What one?" to which he simply replied, "That one."  This went on for a few rounds until I picked him up and put him into his seat myself, which is when he finally pointed at what he wanted, saying once again, "I want that one."  I looked where he was pointing and I had to take a picture:

Oh yeah.  Apparently my car isn't cool enough for my 2-year-old anymore. As I buckled him in I said, "Sorry buddy.  That's not our car."  He replied with an "Awwwww-WUH" but then dropped the subject when I asked him what song he wanted to listen to on the 2 minute drive home.  Oh, it's going to be fun watching this one grow up.

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