14 December 2012

This Kid Is So Sweet

Zeke came home from school on Wednesday and said, "Look, Mom.  I pulled my wiggle tooth out on the bus today."  Assuming he meant on the bus ride home from school, I asked something like, "Wow.  Does it hurt at all?" and Thomas (who had come over to play) said, "It fell out on the way TO school."  I looked at Zeke and asked, "It came out on the way TO school?!" and he replied, "Yeah.  I was wiggling it back and forth and it came out so I put it in my coat pocket."  And that was that.  No visit to the school nurse, no mention of it to anyone all day, no making any sort of a deal out of it at all.  He is, after all, a big kid now.
When I put him bed that night, we put his tooth under his pillow had the following conversation:

Zeke: I hope the tooth fairy doesn't bring me another dollar.
Me: Well, what would you like the tooth fairy to bring you instead?
Zeke: I don't know.  Where's my tin? (He has a tin he keeps his money in.  I should probably get him a wallet or an actual piggy bank soon.)
Me: It's right here. (As I take it down from the top of his dresser.)
Zeke: Another dollar would be okay then.
Me: Do you know what you can do with your money?
Zeke: No, what?
Me: You can go shopping and buy something for yourself!
Zeke: OR, I can give it to the church!!
(I told you he was sweet.)
Me: Or, you can do that.  That would be great.
Zeke: Oh! OR I can share it with my brothers!
Me: You are too sweet.  You can do that too.
Yes Zeke, you really are too sweet sometimes, and I am so proud of you and your gentle heart.

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