30 December 2012

A Wonderful Christmastime

I figured before the year ends, I should get back on here and write about the end of our year.
 The Wednesday before school ended, the kids had a little winter concert during school.  Josh and I both made it and it was...interesting.  I have some notes on things I'd change, but it was still cute, and the boys were beside themselves with excitement that we were there.
(I LOVE the picture of Zeke.  I always knew he was tall, but I didn't realize how tall until this day.)
School ended that Friday (Thursday for Deacon), and winter recess started.  With winter recess came CHRISTMAS, and what a Christmas it was.  I don't know about the rest of my family, but I had a great couple of days.
Christmas Eve we went to my uncle's house for the extended family Christmas party.  It was nice seeing everyone again, and especially funny watching Finn spend a good portion of the afternoon hanging out with my cousin Molly, whom he has never met before (I think?).

After the festivities at my uncle's were finished, we rolled on over to my mom's to do Christmas with all of my sisters.  Once the many presents were opened (we all seriously got spoiled this year) we had some dinner, put the boys in their new "Christmas jammies" and headed home in the snow!

The next day was Christmas Day and again, what a day we had!  Zeke woke up a little before 7am but had to stay in his bed until his brothers woke up, which wasn't too much later, about 7:15 or so.  At 7:30 we let them loose, and it was so sweet.  Zeke and Deacon had gone "shopping" at the Christmas "store" in school this month, and they were both so excited, that they insisted on handing out the presents they bought before they opened the presents they got.  Soon enough though, all of the presents were handed out, opened, and being played with. 

Once presents were "finished" and Christmas donuts were eaten, Deacon and I got to work on making a birthday cake for Jesus.

Around noon Grandpa Bob, Grandma Karen, Uncle Bobby and Great-Grandma Vint came over to have Christmas.  More wonderful presents, more fun and another great time with family.  Which was followed closely by a second round of visitors.  Grammy, Pappy, Tia (Katherine), Tante (Kirsten), Great-Grandma Rudy, Shawn and Ivan (K&K's boyfriends) came over to hang out and have Christmas dinner.
And what a Christmas dinner it was! Besides the normal green bean casserole and cranberry sauce, we did things a little differently.  Instead of mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes, I made homemade potato soup.  Then, instead of the "usual" turkey (or ham), Josh deep fried a goose.  All of it was so good.  Dessert was cookies and treats that I had made during my week of nap time baking, and our cake for Jesus.

As you can see, I let the boys decorate it. I guess I shouldn't've wasted time writing on it. Heh.
Eventually it was time for bed for the boys, then time for guests to leave, and time to relax and reflect on a really good 2 days. 
The Friday after Christmas Josh's parents came up and spent the day with us, having Christmas all over again.  Again, more spoiling of us, more fun time with family,  and another great day celebrating the birth of our Savior.
And since this post is getting pretty lengthy, I'll post another day about the fun the kids have been having in all of the snow we've been getting.  But I hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas as well, and may you have a wonderful New Year!

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