18 January 2012

To the Doctor's Part 2

I know, I know, usually we start with Part 1, then go on to Part 2. And I had intended to do that, but darn it all if it isn't just too hard to get around to blogging while Josh is gone. (Lame excuse, I know.) And now that I'm actually sitting down to blog, I see that I only have 15 minutes to write before I have to get Finn up to get Deacon from school. And since Part 1 is going to be a bit wordier than Part 2, I figured I'd just do Part 2 first so that I would actually blog something this week.

So, Sunday afternoon Deacon woke up from his nap twice crying, complaining that his ear hurt. Since I was trying to take a nap too, I put him in bed with me after the 2nd time and saw that he really couldn't sleep on his right ear without wincing in pain and rolling over. I figured he probably had an ear infection, but since it was a Sunday there wasn't much I could do. Monday morning he woke up in a SIGNIFICANTLY better mood, and an ear that looked like this:

Yep, ruptured eardrum ahoy. I called the doctor's and got an appointment for later Monday morning. I took Zeke to his play date and then off (back) to the doctor's we went. "Yep" she said, "He has a full blown ear infection." That's why we're here doc! Anyhoo, now he's on antibotics and ear drops twice a day. And we have to go back in 10 days to make sure it's all working and the ear is healing properly.

Don't worry about Deacon though. He's perfectly fine otherwise.

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