31 January 2012

I Mean, I Like Phil Just As Much As the Next Girl...

...maybe even more. I really do enjoy Phil Collins and will gladly listen to him when I'm at home, when I'm in the store, when I'm in the car. And lately, I've been listening to Phil perhaps a little too much in the car.

You see, when each of my boys were younger, they had specific special songs we could play while we were driving and it would automatically soothe them, and stop them from crying. There's really no rhyme or reason as to why each boy picked which song they did, but the 1st 2 boys picked songs that are fantastic songs. Zeke's favorite was "Be Thou My Vision" by 4Him. Deacon's favorite was "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" as sung by Amy J. Stephens (sadly, there's no youtube video to link to for this specific version of the song). Both beautiful hymns that I gladly listened to over and over and over and over and over again and again and again.

In fact, I remember a time when I was driving up the Parkway when Zeke was 6 months old. I had "Be Thou My Vision" essentially blasting, but it wasn't enough. Zeke, through his hysterics, demanded that I also sing the song as loud as I could. I think we listened to (and sang) that song a good 35 times that trip. Good times.

Anyhoo...so Zeke and Deacon pick good, beautiful, meaningful hymns. And what does Finn decide his song of choice is going to be? "Strangers Like Me" by Phil Collins from Disney's Tarzan. Have a listen:

Not a terrible song, and I really do like Phil Collins, but after you hear this song more than 6 times in a row, it sort of wears on you a little. Thankfully, unlike the other 2 boys, Finn is a "little" bit less specific about his song. He'll settle for Barenaked Ladies' "Snacktime" album, or at least the first 5 songs or so on it (it really is a GREAT kid cd, by the way). He'll also sometimes let us go past "Strangers Like Me" to "Circle of Life". Or he'll sit somewhat quietly for some Phil Wickham. But, when push comes to shove and he's been in his car seat for way too long (in his opinion - which, his is a VERY opinionated little man), nothing else will due but the sultry sounds of one Phil Collins. That's my boy.

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Meagan said...

I totally understand. We have been doing Music Together now for almost a year and if I never....ever....ever....have to hear the Hello song again I will be very happy.