12 January 2012

Happy Birthday to MEEEEE!!

So, yesterday was my birthday. It was a good day. Not a great day since Josh left in the afternoon for the UAE (United Arab Emirates) for 10 day, but a good day. For the 2nd year in a row I got to go to PWOC on my actual birthday, and have the ladies there sing to me, so that was fun. The boys were pretty good throughout the day, and watching sitcoms after they went to bed was a pretty good way to end the day.

Since Josh had to leave yesterday afternoon, he surprised me by arranging to have Kirsten come up to babysit the boys for us so we could go out to dinner. Due to my insistance on having my birthday brownies with my boys before we left (figuring they'd be in bed after we got home - which they were), we left later than Josh had anticipated, so we went to the local Olive Garden and had a lovely time. Afterwards we did some shopping (cat food and a slurpee - do we know how to have a good time or what?), then went home and watched Biggest Loser. This is the 1st season of this show I've ever seen, and I have yet to fully make up my mind about it.

Anyhoo...back to me. *smirk* My birthday was a pretty low-key affair this year, but that's kind of how I like it. I got a Kindle Fire as my gift, and I pretty much LOVE it. We had fun eating brownies (even if they were so hot when I served them that the 1st plastic knife I used melted a bit, as did the candles)

and I was showered with love and birthday wishes from all over the world from my family and friends via phone calls, text messages, and facebook wall posts. I think I'm going to enjoy being 32.


Meagan said...

Cat food shopping, slurpees and TV. Your birthday sounds like my New Year's Eve! I am glad you had a great day (and I hope the next 10 go quickly).

Childress Family said...

I got a kindle fire for Xmas and gotta say I didn't love it. It was returned. :-) What I really want is a Macbook Air, but we aren't rich enough yet. Darn.