04 January 2012


Yesterday, January 3rd, my oldest boy turned 6. It was also their first day back to school, so it was a HUGE day for Zeke. As it was a huge day, he was one excited boy all. day. long. The morning went off without a hitch though, and once he was off to school, I started baking cupcakes.

At 2 in the afternoon, I went to Zeke's school, where his teacher threw a little celebration for him. I brought in and read Where the Wild Things Are to his class (per Zeke's request). After the story was over, the class played Zeke specific BINGO, where his teacher (who is the sweetest thing, by the way) had made BINGO boards using pictures of characters from kids shows and used words that relate to Zeke. Words like "January", "brother", "winter", etc. Zeke won the first round (by design), another kid won the 2nd round and then Zeke won the 3rd round again (by coincidence)! So his teacher said, "Don't clear your boards, we'll go for a 2nd winner this round." Ha! After BINGO the kids had their snacks and Zeke handed out the little goodie bags we had made for them.

I think it really meant a lot to Zeke that I went to his school for his birthday because the whole ride home he kept talking about how he and I are friends and how he loves me "all this day". He's such a sweet boy.

After school, I took Zeke home with me, and picked up Deacon from school and Finn from child care. We got home, and then Zeke's friend, Thomas, came over and the boys played while I finished up the cupcakes.

It's not the greatest picture, but the ones on the left are dinosaurs (I'll try to get around to getting pics up on Flickr soon). Then there are your regular cupcakes, or "real" cupcakes as Zeke called them all day yesterday. I let the birthday boy decide what flavor cake and frosting he wanted and he went for the chocolate/chocolate combo. That's my boy!

Being back in New Jersey, this was the first birthday for any of the boys that we were able to have some family celebrate with us. As you'll see a picture or 2 down, my mother, father, step dad and twin sisters came up and had some dinner (hot dogs and macaroni and cheese, per the birthday boy's request) and cake with us.

After we ate some hot dogs and some cupcakes it was, of course, present time. After all, what better wayis there to wear off a sugar rush than by ripping up some paper?

Shortly after all the presents were opened, it was time to say good night and good bye as family left and the boys went to bed. All in all, a very good day. And now I have a 6 year old. Crazy, but wonderful.

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Linda said...

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! I'm glad you had such a fun birthday. Your mom is the best. :)

I don't remember most of my "little" birthdays but I do remember turning six. I felt so grown up. It was a great year. I hope Zeke has a great year too!

Aunt Awesome