24 January 2012

It's So Easy to Love This Kid

I am, of course, referring to Deacon. My sweet Dee Dee. So full of fun and imagination. Always cracking us up, whether it's something he said, or a face he made, this kid just melts my heart every day.

Deacon is in preschool this year. He goes every afternoon from 12-3, and he LOVES it. Today I had a parent teacher conference for him, and his teacher says he's doing really well. She said he's very sweet, and listens well. He is one of the few kids in her class this year that likes to do individual work and coloring. He is NEVER bored, as he finds many uses for many of the toys in the room. He's coming along on his numbers and letters, and is fascinated with writing.

The teacher said Deacon usually plays by himself or with 1 other child, but never really in a group like most of the other kids do. But, that's just Deacon's style. He's always preferred one-on-one time. That's not to say he is completely opposed to group activities, he just likes things a little more low key. The teacher noted that he's really good at going about his business regardless of the chaos going on in the classroom. I commented that that's because our house is almost always chaotic.

Because Deacon says some hilarious things I started writing some of them down (to share here, of course). For example, the other day he and Finn were at the table eating breakfast. Deacon said, "Finn, look at that boat!" (He had made a "boat" out of his waffle or something.) Finn looked at Deacon and appropriately said, "Oooohh!" Deacon then said, in a most matter-of-factly way, "Ooh is right."

Or when we were in the car listening to a new cd I got for Christmas and in one of the songs the lyrics were something like "Heaven fall down". So we're listening to this song when Deacon says, "Kevin's okay." I said, "Kevin? Who is Kevin?" After thinking for a second Deacon said, "Kevin is a boy." And that's when I realized he thought the song was saying "Kevin fell down", and so he was assuring me that even thought this boy named Kevin fell down, he was okay.

And then there's this. I did go back and forth for awhile about whether or not to post this picture as it's kind of "NSFW" as they would say (not safe for work). But it was really funny, and so here it is. A week or so before Christmas we were at the table coloring. Deacon handed me his finished product and said, "Look! I made a man Santa Claus!"

Can you see it? There below the circle that is Santa's...body? Belly? It doesn't matter, below Santa's main body part is a little anatomically male part to distinguish this Santa as a male Santa. Oh how I laughed when he showed this to me. I asked him what that part was and he said, "It's Santa's butt!" Oh Deacon, leave it to you.

Deacon is also slightly obsessed with ghosts and aliens, pumpkins and Angry Birds. I'm not sure what his deal with ghosts and aliens is, but they pop up here and there in his stories and imaginary play. Pumpkins and Angry Birds are his favorite thing to draw right now. Maybe I'll post some of his more recent pictures for you to see. They're actually quite good.

And finally, I'm not sure I ever wrote this here, but Deacon is finally, fully potty trained. Towards the end of October he finally got the hang of pooping on the toilet and we've been diaper free ever since. Now if we could just get the little one...hahahaha!

So, that's pretty much Deacon in a nutshell. Smart, funny, sweet, not as eager to help as Zeke but still happy to do what he can, imaginative and wonderful. I love you Deacon, and I am having SO much fun watching you grow up.

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