10 January 2012

Book Nerds

In case you didn't know this, Josh and I are book nerds. We both love books, and we love to read. Which is why it makes me so very happy that my boys love books as well - all 3 of them.

Books keep Finn happy on longer car rides.

Books give Deacon great ideas for when he's using his imagination, while lost deep in Deaconland.

Books were Zeke's favorite present from his birthday.

As you can see by the picture, books also make it okay to be all up in each other's personal spaces. Now that Zeke is learning to look at the pictures in books to determine what might be going on in stories, he's been doing a really good job "reading" books to his brothers lately. It's fun to hear the stories they make up as they go through the pages together.

I hope this love for books stays with them their entire lives.

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