31 January 2010

Bits and Pieces

Ever since I took the boys to the dentist earlier this month, Deacon has enjoyed practicing his own dentist skills out on Josh. It's really quite amusing to watch Deacon wrestle Josh to the ground, "force" open Josh's mouth, then grab a nearby toy or whatever to "clean" Josh's teeth. When Deacon's finished, he closes Josh's mouth and announces, "All clean!"

Here are some pictures of the future dentist at work:

* * * * *
The other week on CakeWrecks, there was a link to a fun little quiz thing. It's 100 cupcakes, each with a different picture on it. Each picture represents a different game, and the "quiz" is to see if you can name the game portrayed on each cupcake. There are all kinds of games too - board games, video games, computer games, etc. It's really pretty neat and worth a look.
I got 56 of them. Josh got 68. What can I say? He's a bigger nerd than I am.

* * * * *
I know I've posted a picture like this before, but it happened again the other night, and I just about died from the cuteness, so I'm sharing...

Besides the sock missing from Deacon's right foot, I think my favorite part is how Zeke's leg is draped over Deacon's. I really can't imagine this being comfortable for either of them though.

* * * * *

Finally, for all you fellow knitters/crocheters out there, I'm on Ravelry. It's a pretty neat site. You should let me know if you check it out and decide to join too. We can be friends there. It's also where I post pictures and things of the stuff I've been doing knitting-wise. Anyhoo.

And...that's about it from here for now. Later!


Meagan said...

I agree the missing sock and the leg are cute but the elbow up on the shoulder speaks of brotherly love to me.

Embrace the Circus said...

I love the boys sleeping together. I'm surprised that my girls have never snuck into bed together... or at least, not that I've discovered!