08 February 2010

Brotherly Love

Sometimes I just can't get over how well my boys play together and how much they love each other. It's not that I'm surprised by it, it's more that I'm surprised how how much it still makes my heart swell every time I see them interacting with each other in such sweet ways.

For example, here is a picture of Zeke "reading" the picture Bible (or "yellow book" as it's called here) to Deacon. Sort of a side note here, this Bible is great. Friends of ours in Germany gave it to us when we had Deacon, and lately it's been a favorite. Every night before the boys go to bed, Josh "reads" one of the stories to the boys. I think they are on their third time through now. But the illustrations are wonderful, and it's just really neat. Oh, it's the See With Me Bible, in case you were wondering.

Josh took this picture and said that Zeke was actually telling the stories to Deacon, and was pointing things out on the pages, asking Deacon the questions we usually ask during book time: "What's this?" "How many ____ do you see?" "What color is the ____?" So sweet.

A day or two later (hence the same jammies, which we hang out in all morning some days, and there is nothing wrong with that) I found Zeke showing Deacon how to put together the puzzle we got Zeke for his birthday. Until recently, Deacon had a very hard time with it, so here Zeke was "instructing" Deacon by showing him how all the pieces fit together, as Deacon held the board and watched.

Now, I don't have any pictures of this, but lately they have been role playing bed time. Basically, Zeke tucks Deacon into bed, goes to the door and says, "I love you Deacon." Deacon then replies, "I love you Zeke." The door is closed, then opened and they switch, with Deacon putting Zeke in bed. The other day they added "Sleep well" after the "I love you", all of which is how Josh leaves the room at night when he puts them to bed. So basically, they're reenacting what is modeled for them every night by their father.

What just about killed me the other day though, was Zeke and I were headed downstairs to put him in bed for naptime. He got 3 steps down, turned around and called, "Good night Deacon!" Deacon quite happily yelled back from his bed, "Good night Zeke!" Pleased Deacon could hear him, Zeke then yelled, "I love you Deacon!" And, with just as much enthusiasm, Deacon yelled back, "I love you Zeke!" It was almost too much.

And finally, just to further drive home my point, here are two pictures from the other day. I set them up on the bench with crayons and some paper to color while I went downstairs to turn over the laundry. When I came back up they were both happily at work on the same chair.

Notice the happiness on Deacon's face. First of all, he's coloring. This kid loves to color. In fact, I have a nice collection of his work building up if anyone is interested in owning a Dee Dee original for themselves. Secondly, his best friend in the whole world is literally right there. Does life get any better? Or any sweeter, for that matter?

I submit that it does not.


Ells said...

oh Beth, you tell the sweetest stories about your boys! What cuties! I know they are the ones who DO the cute things, but you have a real talent for telling their stories as well! :)

Love the Brian Regan reference. Well done.

Svenn said...

Nice job on the post and with the B-Reg reference (that's what he goes by with me...yeah, we're tight like that :)

@Ells: Gratz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! times about a billion. Beth told me the good news. We are both super happy for you two!

Miss Hannah said...

I love your stories. Thanks for sharing them. Every time I think that the boys can not possibly get any cuter - they do!

corry ann said...

your boys are awesome I love them all the way over here in Jersey xoxo i miss you so!!! i would like a dee dee original!! and in return i will send you some supplies :o)

sewaholic said...

A loving home helps to make loving sons. Congratulations on all your hard work.The boys are just too cute. Love to all. Mom

JStar said...

Zeke and Deke are so sweet together! What a blessing that they love each other so much and that they get along most of the time. Sam can't wait for Reese to get big enough to ride scooters with her so they can go exploring. She likes to talk about "when Reese gets bigger". It sure is fun to watch our children love their siblings! By the way, we need an updated preggo pic of you! Oh, and I still have your Raising Girls book. I guess you won't need that back just yet, will you? :)