19 February 2010

His Daddy Would Be Proud

This morning Zeke let out a giant burp. Usually when we burp/toot in our house, we say "Burp. Excuse me. Burp." I'm not sure why we announce what type of bodily function it was twice, but we do.

As I was saying, Zeke let out this giant burp this morning. He said nothing about it, so as a way of reminding him of his manners, I asked him, "Zeke, what do you say after you burp?"

He looked at me, smiled real big and said, "Yummy!"

Nice one son.

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Meagan said...

Ha! That is too funny.

Ells said...

aahahhaha! Chad will like that story, too! Good one!

Embrace the Circus said...

Hilarious! I think my girls and your boys would get along splendidly! (We're not too ladylike. One day, maybe. Just not yet.)

JStar said...

Too cute! Sammie has started announcing her bodily functions like this, "hey mom, want to hear my big, stinky toot?" followed by lots of cackling as the deed is done. I'm sure my laughing does nothing to teach her proper manners, but at least she knows to say excuse me!