22 February 2010

I Have So Much To Say

I really do have a bunch of things I want/have been meaning to blog about.

There's the foot of snow that we got when "Snowmageddon" hit the east coast. Not that there's anything that special about more snow out here, but I have some cool pictures of icicles and things that formed during that weekend that I want to share.

There's the beautiful weather we've been having since that foot of snow dropped (again, mostly for some of the pictures I've taken). Mid 30's and sunny. It's been glorious.

There's the potty-training we started over President's weekend.

There are other just little things that happen here and there that I think would make fun little posts. But some of my pictures are starting to get really dated since we gave the kids haircuts President's weekend as well. (I don't have any pictures of that event though. I do have before/after shots essentially on my phone. Maybe I'll post those from there later.)

Also, in mentioning pictures, I realize that I have not put up any pictures from January on my flickr account, and here February is almost over. At least, I don't think I have. I just checked, I haven't. So there's that to do as well.

But I'm tired. When the boys' naptime rolls around I have been napping as well. Then, when I get up, I always think about blogging and then get worn out by the thought of doing it, and just don't. It's terrible, I know. I'm going to try and be better. Although March is filling up pretty quickly, so don't expect too much from me next month.

Speaking of March, I made appointments for Zeke today. I called the school services and reminded them that we were waiting for them to call and got an appointment for Zeke to be fully evaluated on March 20th. A bit further away then I wanted, but we'll take it. I also made an appointment with the pediatric dentist for March 8th. He'll x-ray Zeke's tooth, then we'll decide if it really needs to come out or if a baby root canal will suffice so he can keep his tooth a bit longer and not have a gap in his mouth for 3 years. Please keep us in your prayers those days.

But, so you're not left with just this post with it's promises of more posts, here's a short video I took the other night. This was Josh's idea of helping me get the boys ready for bed. You may want to make sure your volume is turned down a bit, there's a bunch of shrieking and growling going on. This was also the tail end of it. It took me 5 minutes of watching them go on like this before I thought to get the camera out.


Embrace the Circus said...

I have this theory that at the hospital, sometime after we give birth and are utterly exhausted and hopelessly in love with our new little people, they give dads a secret class wherein they explain the necessity of wild, crazy pre-bedtime play. Because that happens at our house, too. And I'll have you know, the girls love it. (And John David will, too. I have NO doubt.)

summer said...

seriously we live parellel lives!