19 January 2010

Peavey's Turn

I figured while I was taking us all to various doctors and dentists and the like, I would share the health care love with the cat. See, for the past few months he's been doing this awful coughing thing. It sounds a bit like he's coughing up a hairball, only nothing comes out, and it's a bit deeper and raspier than normal hairball coughing. Plus, he will cough like this for a good 3-5 minutes at a time. Sometimes he even coughs for a few minutes, gets quiet for a few minutes, then starts again, and repeats the pattern for an hour or so. Needless to say, I was getting concerned, so I made an appointment and brought him in this afternoon.

Turns out, he's constipated. Poor cat will be so embarrassed when he finds out I put that out there like this, but that was the vet's prognosis. He said it happens a lot with older cats (like Peavey), who are on a dry food diet (like Peavey). Apparently as they get older, their bodies can't handle all that dry food by itself. He also said that all of Peavey's vitals are excellent, and that Peavey's lungs and heart are perfectly clear. Good deal.

While we were there I also got Peavey all caught up on his vaccinations and rabies shots and stuff. He was due in March for it all, but the vet said we might as well do it today since we were here. "Let's save you a trip" he said. Very cool. Oh, but back to the cat's constipation, we got some laxatives for him and was told to add wet food to his dry food and he'll be good to "go". *chuckle*

The photos in this post are of Peavey doing some of his favorite things: playing railroad baron (aka being in the way), sitting under the Christmas tree (which, he obviously doesn't do anymore, but he LOVED it under there), looking out the window from the top of the couch (aka spying on the neighbors), and sitting on Josh's fleece (if he can't sit on Josh's lap, might as well snuggle into the next best thing). Oh, that cat.


Gramma Vera said...

Thanks for the amusing tale! I'm happy for Peavey he has such a devoted family to look after him.

Ells said...

railroad baron - love it! So glad he's *just* constipated and everything else is ok.

I'm still praying for Zeke's stuff to come through.

Anonymous said...

I just wanna say I greatly appreciate your witty blogs and sense of humor!!

love you!


Linda said...

When Peavey acquires the CMSTPP railroad, then he'll be king! (Ask Josh about Rail Baron, a game even longer than Monopoly that we played as a family. Jeff and I own it now.)

Poor kitty, I'm glad his lungs and heart are okay but oof, the embarassment of constipation! Mrrow!