02 January 2010

Some Super Sticker Silliness

One of the gifts the boys got for Christmas this year was plastic container/box things that Josh's parents had put all sorts of fun stuff in: construction workers that look like their soldiers, trucks and cars, little play-dohs, pencils, sticky-note pads, and stickers. All of it has been a big hit, but the pencils, pads, and stickers have been the most "used", let's say.

The first two pictures are from the day after Christmas. As you can see, the boys were hard at coloring, using up as many of those pieces of paper as possible. The picture on the right is another one of those times I wish I knew what was going on in Zeke's head. Josh wondered if any (or all) of them read "Kick Me".

The rest of the pictures are from Christmas, and the day after. On Christmas, the boys started out covering themselves in stickers: Zeke put them all up and down his one leg, while Deacon chose the more traditional belly route. At some point, one of them got the great idea to peel the stickers off of themselves and put them all over Mommy. There's a picture of the process, then the final project, front and back.

The next morning it was Daddy's turn though. Then later in the day they did up Deacon's pants. That was fun to peel off before naptime. My favorites are the two on his nose. That was a nice touch, done all on his own.

I wonder how long it'll be before Peavey fall prey to the sticker monsters?

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Aunt Awesome said...

I love that one of DeeDee with the stickers on his nose! So CUTE! I can't even believe I get to be related to these kids. They did a nice job stickering you, too. I'm pretty sure you could sell that design to Donna Karan.