09 May 2013

The Biggest "Three"

Hi guys! Sorry for the silence here.  I have been crazy busy the past two weeks and so this week I decided (for Finn's sake as well as mine) to sort of take it easy and relax a bit.  I'm not even sure what all's happened anymore, but there was almost a point where I was like, "ENOUGH already!"  This week has been a bit calmer and as such I now feel rested enough to get back on it - "it" being this blog.  And what better topic to get back on it with than Finn?!
Mr. Finn turned 3 on Sunday.  This makes me a little sad.  My youngest is no longer by any means a baby.  He actually hasn't been a "baby" for quite some time, but there's something about the age 3 that makes it so much more...substantial, let's say. I was going to write earlier this week about his big day, complete with pictures, but I was enjoying "vegging" too much, so that will have to wait until tomorrow, because today's post is about how big my sweet boy is, and how he compares to his brothers at this age.
When Ezekiel turned 3

he weighed 34 1/2 pounds and was 37 inches tall.
When Deacon turned 3

he weighed 35 pounds and was 38 1/2 inches tall.
When Phinneas was weighed and measured today

he weighed 37 pounds and is 39 1/4 inches tall.
This is one of the reasons I like keeping this blog still.  It lets me look back at things like this since I don't have it written down anywhere.  At least I don't think I do?  Hmm...anyhoo!
Finn is 3 now and such a big boy.  He LOVES the i pad.  He is constantly asking to play with it, which is annoying because that means I'm almost constantly saying "no" to him.  Finn loves to play outside, especially at the playground by our house - I have the feeling we will be spending a lot of time there this summer.  I also have the feeling that if we aren't there, we'll be spending our time at Frog Falls this summer as the little man loves water.  Finn loves dogs, and chocolate, doing puzzles (and I mean 100 piece puzzles - yeah), and watching tv.  His favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Super Why, Curious George and Blues Clues.  Finn also likes super heroes (with a slight preference for Justice League over Avengers I think) and angry birds and all the other things little boys like.  And yes, much like his dad and brothers, he does enjoy himself some legos, mostly of the duplo variety right now.
Phinneas is sweet and stubborn, cuddly and crotchety, smart and silly, and really just a lot of fun. Happy Birthday Finn, we love you!

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