23 April 2013

Future Farmers of America Club

Towards the end of spring break Josh finally got to work on his garden.  He had hoped to work on it all week, but the little bits of snow we had the first few days prevented him from doing that.  Well, it prevented him from doing the outside stuff he was looking forward to doing anyway. Eventually though the sun did come out along with Josh, his tools, and a couple of the neighborhood kids.
Armed with a tiny work force, Josh and the boys put together this box thing around the side garden plot in our front yard.
Once the work on the box was finished, it was time to plant the peas.  To "thank" the two boys from our street for their help, Josh gave them each a handful of pea seeds to plant in their own yards, which they both did immediately.
They're so cute.
Now all that's left to do is plant the peppers and tomatoes, and then figure out what's going to be planted in the box.  Or figure out what else will be planted in the garden spot by the house, if the peppers and tomatoes go in the box.  I'm not sure what Farmer Walter's plan is.  What I am sure of is that I cannot wait for everything to start growing and producing yummy veggies.  Yay for gardens!

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Quenby Sheree said...

I have just started my first garden (I am also trying tomatoes and peppers among other things). When they sprout it's so exciting! And then they are taking forever to grow any bigger....
I hope your garden is growing faster than mine.