13 May 2013

Fill-Ins, Flowers, and Fun!

I must say, I had a pretty good Mother's Day.  Sure, Josh left around 2 in the afternoon to go to Sweden for the week, but after he left the boys and I went to my mom's for dinner, and it was a really nice day.
As soon as I got out of bed, and went downstairs the boys bombarded me with the things they made at school.  Besides these hilarious fill-ins they each did (pictures below), Deacon made me a flower that came with flower seeds, and some "cards", and Zeke made me a "kissing hand" pot holder, some cards, and a book.  The book is If You Give A Mom a Muffin, and the illustrations Zeke made for each page are fantastic - I had so much fun reading it and maybe some day I'll post it here for you.  Until then, here are pics of the other goodies.


Friday morning, Zeke came into my room all excited and said, "Mom! I'm going to bring my wallet to school today so I can buy you flowers for Mother's Day!" Not entirely confident he'd be able to get a flower with the $2 he had in his wallet, I gave him $10 just in case.  And because Deacon couldn't be left out, I gave him $10 as well, and told the both of them NOT to spend the entire $10.  I told them to buy me ONE flower, and to bring back the change.
Deacon straight up didn't listen at all.  However, the huge smile on his face when he walked out of school on Friday with a little pallet of 10 flowers for me, made it impossible to be upset with him for not listening.  He was so proud of himself too when he and Josh planted them that afternoon.
Zeke, on the other hand, taught me a lesson on semantics.  When he got off the bus with 10 flowers I said, "How many flowers did I tell you to buy?"  He looked right at me and said, "You said to buy you one flower.  The rest are for other moms I know."  Well played. He actually sold one of the flowers to his friend on the bus, so he came home with 9 flowers and a dollar. 

He and Josh wound up planting 4 of them for me, and the rest he gave to other moms.  Originally, one was for each of his grandmoms (1-3), one was for his Sunday school teacher (4), and one was for my cousin Candice (5).  When I explained that we wouldn't be seeing 2 of his grandmas, or Candice he reconsidered and gave 2 to his Sunday school teacher, 2 to my mom and 1 to Ms. Ryan.  He's such a sweet boy, and I pray so often that he stays that way.  Oh, and Karen and Mom and Candice, sorry you couldn't actually have your flowers.  But he was thinking about you and loving you and wishing you Happy Mother's Day all the same.
Also, while we were at my mom's yesterday Zeke and my mom planted the flowers he gave her together.
I don't know why these made me (and Josh) laugh so hard, but they did.
It really was a good Mother's Day. I'm blessed to have 3 wonderful boys, whom I love with all my heart.  I'm so happy to be their mother, every day of every year.

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