10 May 2013

A Beautiful Day for a Beautiful Boy

On Finn's birthday we had a party to celebrate our boy.  Since it was a beautiful day we set up outside and had a bunch of family over.  It was a little windy, and the wind was chilly, but while the backyard was bathed in sun, we had a nice time out in the backyard. All six grandparents came up, as well as Tante and her boyfriend, Tia, and Finn's best buddy Chase, and Chase's family.
We pretty much just hung out.  There were bubbles and playing and family and food.  We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner.
Then there was watermelon...
followed immediately by cake.
Along with the cake were cookies made by my friend Heather again.  This time the theme was "PBS on a Platter". There were Cat in the Hat hat cookies, Curious George cookies as well as yellow hats for The Man in the Yellow Hat, and then Finn's favorite, Super Why.
After dessert was finished, the backyard was completely shaded and chilly, so we cleaned up and came inside to open presents.  This is when Finn pretty much reached his little breaking point.  He started insisting that people go home and turn off the tv.  He refused to open presents too, so I took him upstairs for a quick 3 minute "reset" time, which worked.  Once he was ready to see everyone again he tore into some presents and had a great time checking out all his booty.  (He really did make out like a bandit - thank you everyone for the wonderful presents.)
Then we hung out for a bit longer until everyone left and it was off to bed, tired and happy.  All in all, a really great day.

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