09 December 2009

This Year's Tree

So, this year we were trying to figure out what to do about a tree, when Josh found a fake one in the shed! He brought it in, we set it up and decided that it was the way to go, even though a bunch of the lights didn't work. While, I am a much bigger fan of real trees than fake ones, I am happy we went with the fake one this year since the boys just cannot keep their hands off of the tree. Plus, it fits nicely against the wall there.

Here's a picture of Josh setting the tree up. This is mostly for a size comparison so you can see just how tall this thing is:

Here, Josh is trying to figure out the light situation with Deacon's help (notice the tape measure in Deacon's hand):

Can you guess who put the candy canes on the tree this year? Those candy canes, by the way, are no longer on our tree because for almost a full 45 minutes, Zeke would take off all the candy canes, then put them all back on the tree. Then he would take them all off again, and then put them all back on the tree. Yet, every so often, Deacon would would want a turn, and inevitably a fight would ensue and a candy would suffer the consequences. Poor things.


Anonymous said...

Oh yea, this reminds me of the two years we decorated just the top of the Christmas tree so the twins wouldn't be pulling the ornaments off. After that we could go back to decorating the entire tree. We have the pictures to prove it!! Aunt Lorrie

Amity said...

Beth, I cracked up when I read this! We are using a fake tree this year for the first time and it is in the EXACT same spot as yours. So weird.