11 December 2009

Makes You Cold Just Looking At It

Wednesday evening a fog rolled in. Kind of crazy considering how cold it is here, but in it rolled all the same. When the fog lifted yesterday morning, there was an inch of frost all over everything.

Now, these pictures were not taken with the black and white option. This is how it looks out here these days - pretty grey. I was telling Josh's parents last night how getting so few hours of sunlight doesn't really bother me, it was pretty much the same in Germany, but how the lack of color outside is what gets me some days.

Now, that's not to say things still aren't gorgeous here, because they are. I think frost is pretty cool. Hehehe. Frost just adds a certain something that I just can't describe to the scenery here. It makes it look more like a winter wonderland. I guess. I don't know, it's hard to put into words. Like, driving to MOPS this morning, there's this one little stretch of road where the trees clear away and you can see out for hundreds of miles (I'm not exaggerating, hundreds of miles). To see the view all white and peaceful was really something else. It was literally breathtaking.

Sadly, I couldn't take a picture of it. Trying to take pictures while driving is not exactly a safe thing to do, especially here with slippery roads. You'll just have to trust me that it was pretty sweet.

Also pretty sweet, is how God knows when I've had just about enough of the white and He sends some color my to make me happy again. He's so good to me.


Niki said...

How amazing is that sky??? So beautiful! Stay warm!!!

Ells said...

Thanks for NOT taking pictures while you drive on the ice - I like you tons better than I value pics on your blog. :) The frost did make everything beautiful, and that sunset (?) looks like it was the perfect splash of color afterwards.

Miss Hannah said...

Sunsets are fantastic - like a silent reminder from God that no matter what happened that day, He is still in control.

Anna Childress said...

Thanks for sharing some of the scenery. You are privileged to get to see a unique part of God's creation. When we're out we just see miles and miles of concrete.

corry said...

how pretty is all of that enjoy it and stay relaxed love you and miss you and boy that last picture is wonderful :o)