26 December 2009

Our Crazy Christmas in a Couple of Nutshells

Okay, it wasn't really crazy. Our Christmas was lovely. Christmas Eve we went to the 5:00 "Build a Pageant" service, where they had tons of costumes for all the kids in the lobby, and the kids were all invited to participate in the Christmas story. Zeke was not interested at all, but Deacon was willing to let us dress him as a shepherd, and I carried him through the program. He was by far the littlest shepherd up there, but also the cutest.
(Josh said that everyone puts out bowls of Chex Mix on Christmas Eve, so we partook in that "tradition" as well this year.)

After the pageant we went to McDonald's for dinner (I know, we're such classy people). Our original intention was to go out to eat, then go back to church for the 7:00 traditional candlelight service, but the boys were getting tired, and we pretty much sang all the songs Josh and I would want to sing at the kid's service anyway.

The boys were pretty excited when they woke up Christmas morning. After greeting Daddy with hugs, Zeke went right for the presents, very excited to get opening. Much different from last year, but much more entertaining.

Deacon still needed a little bit of help opening his gifts, but he had a good time of it. Until about half way through. Then he decided he had had enough, grabbed one of his new books and sat on the chair reading while the rest of us finished opening our gifts.

Peavey got some Christmas love too, lots of petting and attention from Daddy.

After their naps, Josh made a fire in the fireplace, we turned on the football game, and we had a delicious dinner of turkey, ham, stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce and biscuits. We ended the night by watching one the new movies the boys got, "Cars." Then it was off to bed for the boys, with Mommy following not too far behind.

And just for fun, this morning Josh vacuumed. Okay, he didn't vacuum for fun, he vacuumed because the floor really needed it. The fun part is the video I took and put at the end here. One of the gifts the boys got were homemade superhero capes from Josh's sister, Linda. As Josh vacuums, the boys (Zeke mostly) like to run laps around the living room, jumping over the vacuum cord and what have you as the vacuums goes.

Today, as they were running laps, they requested that their capes be put on so they could run around like a couple of "supers" (what superheroes are more commonly refered to in "The Incredibles", and so now that's what they're called in out house too). You might want to turn the volume down before you start because I had to be quick with the camera and so I'm pretty much standing right next to the vacuum.

And there you have it. Lots of fun, lots of cool gifts, lots of food. What else could you really ask for?

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Nicole Humphrey said...

How come I miss you so much more on the holidays? Merry Christmas Walters. We love you!
the Humphrey's